Eddie Murphy Talks Reuniting With Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Why He Passed on 'Dr. Dolittle 3' (Exclusive)

Murphy and Louis-Dreyfus, both former 'Saturday Night Live' stars, reunite in Netflix's 'You People.'

It's been a while since Eddie Murphy and Julia Louis-Dreyfus shared the screen, but thanks to Netflix, the actors are co-stars once again! The former Saturday Night Live cast members reunited for the streamer's film, You People, an upcoming comedy from writer-director Kenya Barris.

The film follows Jonah Hill and Lauren London as Ezra and the woman of his dreams, Amira. The duo finds love in the unlikeliest of scenarios -- he mistakes her for his cab -- and is blissfully happy until Ezra decides to propose. A meeting of the families goes horribly awry when Amira's parents, Akbar (Eddie Murphy) and Fatima (Nia Long), meet Ezra's try-hard mom, Shelley, played by Louis-Dreyfus, and casually racist dad, Arnold, played by David Duchovny.

The Murphy/Louis-Dreyfus reunion is a long time coming and a complete "trip," according to the recent Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient

"I became a huge fan of her on Seinfeld -- I watch Seinfeld every night before I go to sleep and I worked with her when we were babies on Saturday Night Live which is kind of the equivalent of, 'Oh you were in college together,'" Murphy tells ET's Kevin Frazier. "So we were little babies and then both of our careers went and did, you know, and [now] I'm on the set with her these 40 years later!"

"And she's brilliant. She's so, so, so good," the 61-year-old adds.

Louis-Dreyfus shares a similar sentiment, joking that the comedian must have made "a deal with the devil" because "he looks exactly the same as he did when we were on SNL back in the '80s. I mean, he looks amazing!"

Duchovny echoes his co-star, sharing that "it was nice" to get to know Murphy off-camera as well. "Just such a talented guy, you know, and it's great to have a scene partner like that always."

Murphy remains as humble as ever, noting that he certainty has aged. The comedian points out how he's more likely to play father roles more than ever before as proof enough that he's aged. 

"You know, it's funny, when I remember way back when they were trying to put together Dr. Dolittle 3 and the reason I didn't do that [is because] I was like, 'Raven [Symoné] is a grown woman.' I said, 'I can't have no grown woman calling me Dad,'" Murphy recalls. "But now we're here, we're really here, and I think it's cool 'cause we still look like ourselves."

"But still' I've aged though. It's all in my feet and my back teeth," the actor adds, laughing. "If you saw my feet and my back teeth, you'd be like, 'Oh yeah, he really is in his sixties.'"

You People debuts Jan. 27 on Netflix.