Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin Confirm Engagement and Reveal Where They're Getting Married

The couple confirmed their engagement in an interview with 'V Magazine.'

Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin have confirmed they're engaged. In a new interview with V Magazine, the young couple shares when they fell in love, how long Sprouse held on to the engagement ring before popping the question, where they're tying the knot and what makes them nervous about the wedding ceremony.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum and the Hungarian supermodel shared that what initially drew them to each other "was our mutual roasting of each other when we first met," which was eight months before they officially started dating in 2018.

"That was something that left a lasting impression," says Sprouse, who, with Palvin, was being interviewed on Zoom by his twin brother and best man, Cole. 

"I can tell you the moment I fell in love," Palvin shares. "We started talking about [Japanese manga series ] Naruto and then he did an impression."

Later in the interview, Sprouse spoke about their engagement news leaking in the media back in March. The couple also shared that they actually got engaged in September, but they didn't feel the need to let the public in on the news, at least not yet.

"There's a lot of demand from the general public for full transparency, which is funny to me because no relationship is fully transparent," Sprouse says. "This article, particularly, is timed up to the release of our engagement announcement, right? But we got engaged now, how many months ago?"

"We got engaged in September," Palvin interjects.

"We didn't necessarily feel the need to be fully transparent with the public about the aspect of our engagement," Sprouse continues. "What we wanted to do with Stephen and the V team is make something that was kind of tongue-in-cheek about the nature of private versus public. We’re playing with the idea of perception."

Ultimately, Palvin said they wanted to do it on their time.

Sprouse also spoke about the concept of marriage and what it means to him particularly.

"For me, at least, marriage is a promise of kind of loving you endlessly, and being your partner," he says. "I’m nervous about the event. Frankly, it’s about the first dance. I’m nervous about a choreographed dance."

Palvin said she's not nervous about getting married. It was the engagement itself that "stressed me more than the wedding."

"I mean, a man has time to prepare for the proposal -- Dylan kept the ring for seven months before he asked the question -- but for me, it was right then and there," she says. "I knew since we started dating that I want to marry him, but it's a big decision."

Palvin also shared why the wedding will be in Hungary.

"I’m excited to show that side of me and introduce my culture, the places I grew up, and the places I went to. I feel like a lot of people will learn even more about me this way," she says. "I know there was no way we would have not had a wedding in Hungary because my parents would have killed me."

Sprouse said he knows the wedding will be a big event, "with both of our parents meeting for the first time, too."

"I think it’s exciting for me, not only because I love the kind of historical traditions of the event, but because, Cole, we came from a very small family unit," Sprouse says. "Barbara, on the other hand, has quite a large family unit. They look at her like their princess and I think it’s going to be a really special moment to see them all reacting to that amidst their traditions. I’m excited for that aspect of it and I’m excited for you guys to see what Barbara has shown me in Hungary, which is a beautiful country."