Drew Carey on His Weight Loss and the Secret to His Slimmed-Down Look (Exclusive)

Drew Carey

The 65-year-old game show host tells ET he feels way better than he looks!

Drew Carey's dramatic weight loss has him feeling himself. And having suits that fit him makes "all the difference."

ET's Nischelle Turner was on the set of The Price Is Right ahead of its primetime special Wednesday night on CBS, and the 65-year-old comedian/game show host says he feels "way better" than how he looks, and that's saying a lot because he looks incredible!

"I'm not taking my shirt off at the pool but, yeah, I lost a few pounds," he says. "And I got a few more to lose."

After losing a dramatic 80 pounds, the actor told People in 2010 that the weight loss eliminated his diabetes. He added that he stuck to a strict diet that included limiting his carbs, drinking tons of water and hitting the gym regularly and consistently.

Fast forward to now, Carey says the secret to his slimmed-down look is the proper wardrobe.

"I wear proper suits that fit instead of being all baggy," he tells ET. "That makes all the difference."

Or is it?


"It's all CGI," he quipped. "Don't even worry about it."

The Price Is Right at Night is airing a primetime special on CBS featuring America's favorite NFL mom, Donna Kelce.

"I was very excited to meet her," Carey says. "She's kind of, like, one of the most famous moms in America."

The Price Is Right at Night primetime special with Donna Kelce airs Wednesday on CBS.