Dove Cameron Shares 'Powerpuff Girls' Update and the Real Reason They're Reshooting the Pilot (Exclusive)

Cameron gives ET an update on the 'Powerpuff Girls' live-action series and why they decided to reshoot the pilot.

Dove Cameron couldn't be more excited to play Bubbles in the Powerpuff Girls.

The 25-year-old actress is set to play the superhero in the live-action The CW series, which also stars Chloe Bennet as Blossom and Yana Perrault as Buttercup. The first look was shared in April, but in May CW Chairman and CEO Mark Pedowitz told TVLine that the pilot was being reshot after being deemed "too campy." The script for the pilot was also allegedly leaked.

In an interview with ET's Katie Krause, Cameron opened up about the changes that are being made and the real reason the pilot had to be done.

"I can't speak on it yet because they are still changing. Such a funny thing," Cameron began. "They didn't decide to rework the pilot because the script leaked. I just need to say that that wasn't what happened. We had to reshoot it anyway for a couple of reasons."

"It's a really big piece of IP, and it's tonally very specific. Like getting it right, making everybody happy, and also making sure that it translates. It's so specific," she said. "To modernize it and to make it fit like, a bunch of different things that don't normally go together, it's just kind of like a puzzle piece. So we're removing some elements and we're replacing others. I think the script is going to get another whack, and it's just going to be a slightly different approach but everything else is going to stay the same."

Cameron added that she's "never reshot a pilot before." "But I'm actually very excited at the thought of it because I was texting the girls and we're like, 'Oh. Well, now we know what we're doing. What an amazing thing,'" she expressed. "You never get to do that as an actor, go back and be like, 'What would I have done differently?'"

As for taking on the role of Bubbles -- described as the "sweet-girl disposition" who "won America's hearts as a child" -- Cameron said it has been "so much fun."

"I feel like my whole career, I've been told that I'm very, like, cartoon-ish in the way that I express [myself]," she laughed. "I just feel very involved in life. And so to be able to have free rein, to bring a beloved character to life that I love so much in a reality that is so obviously based in reality, but it's so fantastical and over the top and ridiculous, and to have Diablo Cody at the helm, and shoot it with other girls…we just have so much fun."

"It's just exactly what I would want it to be, honestly. I cannot say enough good things about the show and the character," she continued. "So I'm very, very excited. I'm very excited to have everybody see how it's [coming] together. I mean, what is more fun than flying around Townsville and having it look like Townsville and fighting... I can't say what we're fighting, but what's more fun than that? That's the coolest job ever."

While fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the pilot, Cameron continues to deliver new music. She released "LazyBaby" in April and teamed up with Rezz for "Taste of You."

Cameron praised the latter song for helping her cope after a breakup thanks to its "satirical, comedic, uplifting" nature, and said that "Taste of You" is "the kind of music I listen to."

"I like where my voice sits on the track. I love the lyrics. I love how sexy and dark it is," she said. "It sounds really exciting."

As for the music video, which is expected to be released soon, she noted, "We shot it. I can't tease too much. There's definitely going to be a reason that you're going to want to watch 'til the end. It's really sexy. It's really fun. We shot it like, up in the middle of nowhere in the woods. Have you ever seen the movie House of Wax?…We shot it in this weird abandoned town with no electricity and saloons. There were bats involved. It was very exciting. Everybody survived. Rezz is not usually in her videos, so that was really fun for both of us."

As for what's next musically for Cameron, she teased, "I'm always working on music that could eventually be a full-length album."

See more of ET's interview with Cameron -- including what she said about celebrating her first Pride and her breakup with Thomas Doherty -- below.