Dave Haywood Jokes That His Son Called Out Lady A for Having Less Awards Than Taylor Swift (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the country music trio ahead of their ACM Awards performance on Sunday.

Lady A may be one of the biggest acts in country music, but their children keep them "humble."

Ahead of their 2021 ACM Awards appearance, ET's Rachel Smith spoke with Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood about how they're getting ready for their "Like a Lady" performance -- and the not-so-subtle shade one of their kids gave them.

"On the ride over here I told my son, I said, 'Hey, dad is going to be on TV for the award show.' And he said, 'Taylor Swift has more awards than you, right?" Haywood shared, with Kelley adding, "Very true, very true."
"I was like, 'What? Yeah, she does have a lot more than me, you're right,'" Haywood laughed. "So yeah, it's not anything compared to that."

"Always keeping us humble," quipped Scott.

However, with a total of six children between the three of them -- and 15 years in the biz -- Lady A does know how to keep a crowd entertained -- even if they're not Taylor Swift. The band is also nominated for Group of the Year at this year's awards ceremony, taking place on Sunday in Nashville. The trio, meanwhile, couldn't be more excited to hit the stage again.

"We've been trying to kind of get to the point when we get the green light [to perform]," Scott said of having to pause touring amid the pandemic. "We are there. Just knowing the songs, I sang in the mirror with my hairbrush. It went great, I felt like a teenager all over again."
Kelley added of preparing for the gig, "Singing in the shower with the shampoo bottle, it's the best place to warm up. You've got all the steam."

The musicians released "Like a Lady" last month and will be the first time they're performing it for a live audience at an awards show.

"We are just excited to be here and to be included and to be able to perform our new single," Scott expressed. "We really are just excited for more people to hear it and love it and feel like a lady when they listen."

And the female empowering tune is winning the guys "lots of points" with their ladies. "This is my wife's favorite song," Kelley shared. "We've got strong women in our lives and we're fine to take a back seat right now. It's great."

For Scott, it's also a "really special" song to be able to perform and support female empowerment. "I think that’s a mission that we believe in wholeheartedly," she relayed. "And to be able to with this song and hopefully this performance push that forward even more is really special."

As for what to expect from their set? "The prettiest natural skyline that will be behind us and I think it's just going to be all about the energy," Scott teased. See more in the video above.

The 2021 ACM Awards will air live on April 18 at 8 p.m. on CBS and Paramount+.