Cindy Crawford Calls This Moment From Oprah Winfrey Interview 'So Not OK'

The supermodel called out the 1986 interview on the new Apple TV+ docuseries, 'The Super Models.'

Cindy Crawford is reflecting on her very first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986, and the 57-year-old supermodel is not looking back fondly.

In the first episode of the new AppleTV+ docuseries The Super Models, Crawford calls out Oprah Winfrey for making her feel like a "chattel," or like a piece of property. Crawford, then just 20 years old, appeared alongside John Casablancas, the model's rep at Elite Modeling Agency.

After introducing Crawford from nearby DeKalb, Illinois, Winfrey asked Casablancas, "Did she always have this body?"

Winfrey then asked Crawford to "stand up just a moment."

"Now this is what I call a body," said Winfrey as she put an emphasis on the word "body." 

All these years later, Crawford is expressing how that moment makes her feel now.

"I was like the chattel or a child, be seen and not heard," Crawford says in The Super Models. "When you look at it through today's eyes, Oprah's like, 'Stand up and show me your body. Show us why you're worthy of being here.' In the moment I didn't recognize it, and watching it back I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. That was so not OK, really.' Especially from Oprah."

Following the premiere of The Super Models, Crawford's 1986 interview on Oprah has since been removed from YouTube, where it had reportedly been available for years before Crawford's comments surfaced.

It should be noted that Crawford would go on to make 10 more appearances on Oprah following her 1986 debut. Crawford was also a featured guest on Oprah's Master Class, which aired on OWN in 2013.

ET has reached out to Winfrey's rep for comment.

The Super Models is streaming now on AppleTV+.