Chrissy Metz on Possible 'This Is Us' Reunion Movie and Working on Her Debut Album (Exclusive)

The actress visited the famed Bluebird Cafe with ET to dish on her beau, reuniting with the 'This Is Us' gals and her Nashville gigs.

Chrissy Metz is keeping hope alive for a This Is Us reunion movie!

The singer-actress joined ET's Kevin Frazier, Nischelle Turner and Rachel Smith for Day 2 of Nashville Week at the legendary Bluebird Cafe, where the 42-year-old -- who is performing at Ty Herndon's Concert for Love & Acceptance on Wednesday and the CMA Fest on Sunday -- opened up about recently reuniting with This Is Us co-stars Mandy Moore and Susan Kelechi Watson, and what a follow-up film might look like for the beloved Pearson family.

"I would [be down]," Metz said when asked about a possible reunion down the line. "I'm like, where would it be set?"

Just recently, Metz posted a sweet family photo with a smiling Moore and Watson in Los Angeles to her Instagram, writing in the caption, "Sing it with me…reunited and it feels so good!"

"That was really cute to get together with my girls," she noted of their mini This Is Us get-together at the end of May.

But back to that possible This Is Us reunion movie.

"I mean, anything's possible," Metz shared. "I think everybody wants to see it. Every single time I see someone they're like, 'We wish the show was still on.' I'm like, 'Me too.' You know, job security. But I do love the show and everybody involved.

"I think, like, in 10 years and we're all, like, 50-ish, I think that will be cute, a little reunion," she pitched. It worked for Sex and the City! The original series followed Carrie Bradshaw and her friends navigating life and love in New York City in their 30s, while the current sequel series, And Just Like That, follows them as they transition into their 50s.

"Chrissy, why you gonna wait so long?" Frazier teased, prompting Metz to quip: "Talk to [creator] Dan Fogelman. 'Dan, let us know!' No, I'm just saying. That'll be cute."

While fans wait with bated breath for any updates on a possible follow-up, Metz is keeping busy as an author and singer. She revealed that she recently finished co-writing her second book with boyfriend Bradley Collins, with another one in the works, and continuing to work on songs for her debut album.

"Fingers crossed. It takes a while to make art, y'all!" Metz said.

She noted that Nashville has been serving as inspiration for her creative process as she embarks on new projects.

"There's so much talent," Metz marveled. "In the airport, literally every single person is talented, whether they're playing an instrument or they're singing their face off at [Blake Shelton's] Ole Red. Everybody's talented here. And everybody's a songwriter. It's everywhere. It's all the time. It's so exciting. You're around it all the time. And I feel like it's a very communal city, which is nice. People like working together."

As for maintaining a healthy working relationship with her beau, Metz credited him for being "very patient." "Bless him, I am not. So opposites attract, like Paula Abdul said," she said. "And it's been very helpful because I get to learn a lot from him."

Metz and Collins also recently celebrated their three-year anniversary, which she sweetly paid tribute to on Instagram. The couple marked the relationship milestone with a low-key dinner. "Just hanging out," she said of their evening out.

Metz will be warming up those vocal cords this week with two performances in Nashville, first at Ty Herndon's Concert for Love & Acceptance at the Wildhorse Saloon, and she explained why it was important for her to take part in the event, which is co-sponsored by GLAAD.

"Listen, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Right? And it needs to change, right? Equality, acceptance. It's like, I can't believe we're talking about and I can't believe it's an issue," she said of the event, which promotes LGBTQ+ visibility. "People should love who they want to love and how they want to love them. So I'm just very excited to be a part of it. And Ty and my dear friend, Matt [Bloyd], and just everybody gets the support and just be there for them as an ally."

Add to her list of gigs is the CMA Fest this weekend. "Anytime you get an opportunity to perform music that you've written from your heart, your soul, it's always exciting," Metz previewed, sharing that music will always be her first love. "[I was] making little mixtapes in my bedroom at nine years old and look at me now."

As for when fans can look forward to Metz back on the small screen, she's optimistic the right project will come along.

"Coming from This Is Us, you want to either write or develop the right project. And that's hard," she acknowledged. "You're like, 'OK, what's next?' I have to be choosy. It is a blessing but I do have to be choosy."