Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes Have a Flirty Exchange in Lifetime Xmas Movie: First Look (Exclusive)

It's about to get spicy in 'Too Close for Christmas.'

Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes are getting into the holiday spirit.

The former One Tree Hill and 90210 stars come together for Lifetime's latest romance, Too Close for Christmas, where the two play friendly-ish adversaries forced to spend Christmas in close quarters (of course!). Only ET debuts an exclusive sneak peek from the festive film. 

The shenanigans begin when Hayley (Lowndes) accepts an invitation to spend Christmas with her sister’s new in-laws and her seemingly perfect holiday takes a turn when Paul (Murray), Hayley's brother-in-law's brother, unexpectedly shows up. Still harboring a grudge against Paul for ending her last relationship, Hayley reluctantly spends time with him and slowly realizes she may have been too quick to judge.

In ET's exclusive clip, Hayley sets aside their differences when she approaches Paul for help in getting a Christmas tree for the house after her original plan -- recruit everyone else for assistance -- goes sideways due to unforeseen circumstances. 

"It's just the two of us...," Paul says, putting two and two together.

"For the moment... yeah," Hayley replies, clearly bummed about the idea of having to spend time alone with him. "We do have to get a Christmas tree tomorrow at some point."

"Let me guess, divide and conquer," he proposes, hoping that would suffice.

Unfortunately, that's not exactly what Hayley had in mind, as much as it pains her.

"If we want to pick a tree that meets your mom's expectations, it's probably going to take at least two people," Hayley says begrudgingly.

As the wheels begin to turn in Paul's head, he smirks when he realizes what that means: "Oh, ohh, you mean, you want to do this together? You and me? 'Cause you need my help?"

"Need is a strong word but yeah, I guess so," she concedes as he jumps at the chance to add a dash of flirty banter into the mix to spice things up. 

"My mother, she is going to require a lot of photos. Lots of pictures. I mean, you're going to have to smile, a whole bunch of holiday cheer...," Paul says, amused. 

"OK, are you done?" Hayley asks, ready for the conversation to be over.

"Oh no, no, no," Paul responds. "I'm just getting started."

Too Close for Christmas premieres Friday, Dec. 4 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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