'Celebrity Wheel of Fortune': Ken Jennings 'Steals' Answer From 'Jeopardy!' Co-Host Mayim Bialik (Exclusive)

The season 3 finale, featuring Vanna White as a contestant, airs May 10.

Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik may be tag-teaming Jeopardy! hosting duties, but on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, they're friendly rivals.

The duo compete for charity in the celebrity edition of the long-running syndicated game show, airing Wednesday, May 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. They'll be contestants alongside longtime Wheel of Fortune letter-turner, Vanna White.

ET exclusively premieres a sneak peek from the hour-long episode, being billed "Ultimate Host Night" with Jennings raising money for Equal Justice Initiative, Bialik for Mental Wealth Alliance and White for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In the clip, Bialik comes very close to the right answer for the phrase in question -- missing it by just one word. Realizing the correct phrase after her turn was over, Jennings swoops in to take the win, even thanking Bialik for the assist. "Thank you!" Jennings turns to a slightly embarrassed Bialik.

"They're two hosts but they work together like that. It's really wonderful to see," Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak quips.

Sajak spoke with ET in September about his future on the iconic game show, acknowledging that his time may be nearing an end.

"In most television shows by this time, you would have said, 'That’s probably enough,' but this show will not die," he said at the time of the game show's longevity. (Wheel of Fortune launched in 1975.)

"It appears I may go before the show," Sajak said. "Years go by fast. We're getting near the end. It's been a long [time]. We're not gonna do this for another 40 years. The end is near... It's an honor to have been in people's living rooms for that long. People were out there welcoming us. We're happy and proud."