'Lessons in Chemistry' Finale: Brie Larson Shares Why Her Friends Never Wanted the Show to End (Exclusive)

The miniseries adaptation is streaming now on Apple TV+.

The Lessons in Chemistry finale is streaming now on Apple TV+, but star Brie Larson admitted that the people in her inner circle hoped the show would never end!

"My friends and family never wanted me to stop prepping Lessons in Chemistry because I was cooking all the time, really elaborate things," she recalled to ET's Ash Crossan in a recent interview. "I was really stretching, doing things that I hadn't done before. So friends and family would be coming over every day and they were like, 'Please, I never want this job to end because I want more fried chicken!'"

In the series, based on the novel of the same name by Bonnie Garmus, Larson plays Elizabeth Zott, a blacklisted chemist and single mother in the 1960s who channels her scientific knowledge into a successful cooking program for housewives.

Larson admits that she grew up cooking and was comfortable in the kitchen before filming the series, but admitted that some of the Lessons in Chemistry recipes stretched her out of her comfort zone. "I guess I got better because I was cooking more, but I still was pretty confident before that," she mused.

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While the series takes place decades ago, Larson also admitted that she didn't have any trouble connecting with her character, who faces professional jealousy, sexism and worse as she attempts to prove herself in the world of science.

"I do think that ultimately Elizabeth's journey is just a very human story, and so there are lots of ways to relate to it," she shared. "It doesn't even have to be as specific as what you have seen in the show. It's just, we all deal with our struggles and overcome them. Unexpected things, and ways that we have been wronged, it's just the way that life goes and sometimes it takes a while for us to understand why it went the way that it did."

"So I found it very easy to relate to her and to want to get to know her more," she added. "It was just a pleasure."

The Marvels star also served as an executive producer on the series, a first for her on television, though she has produced some of her recent film projects.

"I am really glad that I didn't know the difference because I probably would have been very scared," she admitted with a laugh. "The main difference, I think, with doing a TV show as a producer is just the pace... We have the same amount of time as making a movie that would be may be two hours, but we are making eight hours of content so everything is moving very, very fast and then the timeline starts to get really wild."

"I found it to be challenging in a way that was absolutely thrilling. I just loved every second of it," she raved. "I couldn't stop thinking about it anyway so it was like, might as well channel it all into getting this to be the best it could be."

"But there were times that I was in bed and I had, like, TV and laptop and iPad, and they all had different episodes on it and I was like, well, this is maybe a bit too much," she added with a laugh.

Lessons in Chemistry is streaming now on Apple TV+.