Anna Faris Reveals What It Would Take for Her to Return to 'Scary Movie' Franchise (Exclusive)

The actress said she'd love to return to the horror parody franchise with Regina Hall.

Anna Faris is down to make a return to the Scary Movie franchise -- if the price is right!

ET's Ash Crossan sat down with Faris and her The Estate co-star, Toni Collette, to discuss her return to acting and the beloved horror parody franchise. 

"I love Regina [Hall] so much," Faris raved of her co-star, with whom she starred in the first four Scary Movie films. "We're always making each other just giggle, and I loved that dynamic. I think it was a really unique element that we brought to the table for that franchise."

"I bet with the right paycheck, Regina would be in too," she added.

The Estate, which stars Faris and Collette as scheming sisters determined to get written into their dying aunt's will, marks Faris' return to acting following her departure from her CBS sitcom, Momin 2020. It's also her first film since 2018's Overboard.

"It has been, like, a lifelong dream to work with Toni," Faris said of signing on to work with Collette on the film. "Muriel's Wedding was heavily influential in my life, and there was an intimacy about it and getting to work with these kinds of actors, we were laughing all day long."

"You would think that in the world of comedy that would be a nor, but it’s not," she added. "It felt invigorating for me again and inspiring at a time when I wasn’t quite sure what my future looked like in this industry. I just was feeling like, I don’t know, do I go live in the mountains?"

The actress said that, in an uncertain time, career-wise, it was her time on the dark comedy that inspired her to "keep going."

"I know actors say this all the time, but it was really a special experience in working with everybody who, nobody's competitive with each other," she explained. "Everyone was, like, bringing their own unique spice to the pot, and I’m really grateful for it."

However, despite the fun they had on set, both actresses agreed that filming in New Orleans is a different experience these days. 

"We were so old," Faris said with a laugh. "I filmed a movie there years ago, we were out partying every night. It was a cast of, like, 20 people."

"Can’t do it anymore," Collette agreed.

The Estate is in theaters Nov. 4.