Amber Ruffin Addresses Rumors She's Replacing Trevor Noah on 'The Daily Show'

Noah announced that he will be officially ending his reign as host of 'The Daily Show' earlier this month.

Amber Ruffin has been owning the late-night talk show with her groundbreaking series, The Amber Ruffin Show, but is she ready to move on? During an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on Friday, Ruffin addressed rumors that she'll be taking over The Daily Show when its current host, Trevor Noah, takes his leave. 

"I hear there's buzz about you being the host of The Daily Show? I'm so for this!" Jennifer Hudson said to a laughing Ruffin. "Please tell me -- do you want to do it, what are your thoughts? Do you like the buzz?"

"I think it's very nice that people think of me for that position," Ruffin responded. "I think that is so cool and I'm so honored."

"And who knows? 'Cause I didn't think I'd be on no Jennifer Hudson Show so, who knows?" she added coyly.

Hudson declared that she's "speaking it into existence" for the 43-year-old host, repeating that she's "all for it."

Noah, who recently announced he's releasing his second comedy special on Netflix next month, shared that he would be leaving his hosting gig on Sept. 29, revealing in a special message that on his seventh anniversary with the series, "One of the overriding feelings I found myself experiencing throughout the night, and even today, waking up, was a feeling of gratitude."

He continued, "There's so many people who make this thing come together. And I want to say thank you to the audience for an amazing seven years. It's been wild. It's been truly wild."

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Noah emphasized his decision to leave while he's still "good" and "loved."

"I don't take anything for granted anymore. I don't believe that life is a given. I don't assume that things will come to me," he added. "And so, I just go, 'This is it, this is the time.' And leave when people say, 'Why are you leaving?' Because imagine if it was the other way around? I go like, 'I'm leaving' and people are like, 'Yeah, yeah.'"

As for what the comedian wants to do next, he plans on keeping it simple. "Everything," he responded gleefully. "I'm so excited to do everything."

Noah's final episode of The Daily Show will air on Dec. 8. 


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