Adele Reveals Reason Behind Her Annoyed Facial Expression in Viral NBA Meme

Adele explained the reason for her viral facial expression at a 2022 basketball game.

Adele was clearly not trying to make the cameras feel her love this time. 

During a new Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency performance, the world-famous singer shared the story behind a viral image of her courtside at the NBA All-Star Game back in November 2022 that has since become a meme. 

"Do you remember that viral meme of me looking like I don't give a flying f**k?… I’d like to give some context to that meme," she told the audience at a recent show, per a clip on TikTok. "I know it sounds crazy, but I really don't like being famous."

The 35-year-old mom proceeded to recall how she was sitting by herself "looking for Michael Jordan" as her boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul, was working the room and talking to players. She noted that the camera crew inside the arena asked her twice if she minded if they filmed her and put her on the Jumbotron. Despite saying no as she had recently postponed her Las Vegas residency, Adele said they filmed her anyway. Adding insult to injury, Adele thought they were only airing the footage inside the room, not also on television.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

She also set the record straight on her plump pout, sharing why it looked like she had filler. 

"The reason I looked like a different person was because I was sulking," she explained. "Because I was like, ‘These motherf**kers have come back and are filming me against my will.'"

Context aside, Adele quipped, "My face is just very memeable -- I can't help it."