'Abbott Elementary' Star Janelle James Addresses Series Being Impacted by Writers' Strike (Exclusive)

The actress talks to ET about the impact the strike will have on the ABC comedy.

Abbott Elementary star Janelle James is waiting on pins and needles amid the ongoing writers' strike.

The writers' strike officially began May 2 between the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and major Hollywood studios over fair compensation, particularly in the wake of the expansion of streaming services. The stalemate has already affected awards shows, delayed various productions and put into uncertainty the return of scripted broadcast programming.

With ABC not relying on scripted programming for its fall slate due to the writers' strike, it is becoming increasingly apparent the wait for many viewer favorites, including Abbott Elementary, may be longer than anticipated.

"I have no idea what's going to happen," James, who was nominated for Best Actress at the BET Awards, told ET's Kevin Frazier on Sunday when asked about how she'll be spending her summer, "but you know, I hope it doesn't happen until the writers get what they're asking for."

Though everything is currently at a standstill, James maintained she will be standing in support of the writers as they fight for fair compensation.

"So what we've been doing is standing in solidarity and hoping that it comes to a conclusion quickly, so people can get back to work," the actress said.

James attended the BET Awards in a black Tom Ford minidress with gold accents and accessories on Sunday, and she spoke about the hip-hop legends present at the awards show.

"MC Lyte is right next to me, I just saw, so that was cool to catch on camera. My shock of being right next to MC Lyte, a legend!" she said, adding she was excited to see Queen Latifah, whom she called her "north star, as far as a person I admire and love to see."