'80 For Brady' Trailer: Watch Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno Turn Into Guy Fieri

Jane Fonda, Sally Field, Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno play four dedicated fans on a mission to see Tom Brady at the Super Bowl.

What do Jane FondaLily TomlinRita MorenoSally Field, Rob Gronkowski, Guy Fieri, Billy Porter... and Tom Brady have in common? 80 For Brady!

The first trailer for the football comedy, inspired by a true story and starring four of Hollywood's legendary ladies, is officially out and fans can finally see what Brady, a producer on the star-studded film, has in store for fans. According to the newly debuted trailer, Fonda, Tomlin, Moreno and Field play a group of 80-year-old gal pals with a particular fondness for the superstar quarterback. With Brady inching closer to 40 and the expectation that he will retire soon, the ladies head to Houston for the 2017 Super Bowl. 

Of course, hijinks ensue between the four friends as Fonda's character gets her flirt on and finally comes face to face with her personal New England Patriots favorite, Gronkowski. Meanwhile, Field's character enters a spicy wings eating contest, hosted by Fieri. The women also pose as Porter's backup dancers to sneak their way into the game. Then there's the part where they accidentally get drugged at a party and Moreno's character starts seeing her friends -- and herself -- as Fieri. 


"It's cool. It's the two of us again," Fonda previously told ET of the project, referencing her Grace and Frankie co-star, Tomlin. "And then Rita Moreno and Sally Field, and Tom Brady's in it as well, and he's one of the producers. And it's really funny."

As director Kyle Marvin explained to ET, “Brady is sort of the golden statue that they are trying to find in this journey... It’s really just sort of a magical thing that happened.” 

Added Marvin at the time, "All the women are incredible in their roles... We are in rehearsals and they are bringing this incredible energy and power to the table. All of them, in their own ways. So, I am looking forward to shooting and I’m looking forward to sharing it when we’re done."

80 For Brady hits theaters on Feb. 3 and is available to buy or rent on Digital March 7th from Paramount Home Entertainment.