Zayn Malik Sings One Direction's Hit 'Night Changes' in New Sentimental Video


The singer crooned a 1D hit for his followers in a black-and-white clip posted Monday night.

Nothing ever changes, it seems. Zayn Malik is delighting fans with a soulful and sentimental video he posted to Instagram.

The singer -- whom many credit for the disbanding of One Direction after he left the group to go solo -- shared the black-and-white clip on Monday, which shows him singing his former band's 2014 single "Night Changes."

"Everything that you've ever dreamed of/ Disappearing when you wake up/ But there's nothing to be afraid of./ Even when the night changes/ It will never change me and you," Malik, 29, crooned in the video, belting out part of the ballad's romantic chorus.

The song choice is notable, as "Night Changes" -- off their album Four -- was One Direction's final single with Malik before he quit the band.

The heartfelt and contemplative post -- shared sans caption -- was met with an outpouring of love and support from fans of both Malik and 1D.

"Zayn singing 1d songs in 2022 is literally the best thing could ever happen," one user commented on the video, while another added, "Omg my ears are blessed!"

The video comes a few months after Malik announced he's working on a new project apart from singing -- his art.

“PAYNT BY ZAYN is here. Excited to share my first ever limited edition merchandise collection that I designed from my own paintings and artwork," Malik announced in June. Paynt By Zayn features a series of limited-edition merchandise including T-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, hats, notebooks and backpacks with Zayn’s original artwork.