‘Younger’ Star Nico Tortorella Opens Up About Poetry and His Marriage to Bethany Meyers (Exclusive)

nico tortorella
Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Beautycon

The actor talks to ET about his debut collection of work, “all of it is you.,” and how his real-life marriage is very different from that of his character’s on “Younger.”

In Nico Tortorella’s poetry collection, all of it is you., the Younger star explores topics such as body, earth and universe, with poems about the nipple, penis and armpit, while later sections tackle ideas of spirituality, science and sexuality. The work is both singular and broad, specific yet encompassing, offering an intriguing glimpse into the actor’s mind. “It’s a transformational property that had to live in my poetry,” he tells ET, explaining that’s how he sees the world around him. “It’s like a dance that makes sense to me.”

The book, which is now available from Crown Archetype, is the first Tortorella, who has been busy expanding beyond acting with a hit podcast, The Love Bomb, on which the actor explores topics of sexuality and relationships with his guests; dabbling in drag -- mostly on Instagram and by judging RuPaul’s Drag Race -- and is already planning another collection of work. “I’m already working on the next book,” he says, crediting Younger, on which he plays Liza’s (Sutton Foster) love interest, Josh, for introducing him to the publishing world.

Tortorella's co-star, Peter Hermann, who plays Liza’s other love interest, Charles, has also been bitten by the writing bug, having recently released a children’s book. “There’s no such thing as coincidences,” Tortorella says, adding that “the fact that we’re all on a show like this makes sense.”

Of course, until Tortorella puts together another book, fans can at least catch him on TV Land, when Younger returns with an explosive new season on June 5. With season four ending on the revelation that Liza has always been the one for Josh, it’s any wonder what will happen to his marriage with Clare (Phoebe Dynevor). “Married life is treating Josh one day at a time,” he says, unwilling to offer anything more specific.

But when it comes to Tortorella’s marriage to partner Bethany Meyers, it’s quite the opposite than his fictional life. “I can see what the whole future is like; it’s almost endless,” he says.

The two married in March, before writing their story on Them.us, which Tortorella tells ET was really important to him and Meyers as a queer, polyamorous couple to offer a new perspective on marriage that goes beyond two straight, cisgender people. “We’re changing the narrative on non-traditional relationships,” he says, adding that since coming out as sexually fluid two years ago he’s noticed a shift in how people are talking about non-binary identities. “I like to believe I’m empowering the conversation to move toward a more inclusive space. But that’s not the only reason I’m doing it. I’m doing it because of who I am … it’s truth.”