Why Travis Kelce Was Not on the 2023 Sexiest Men Alive List

The NFL star's brother, Jason Kelce, says he was originally approached with a pitch that involved both siblings.

Travis Kelce could have been named one of this year's Sexiest Men Alive, according to his brother, Jason Kelce

Jason -- who jokingly refers to himself as "Fat Batman" amid an ongoing running joke involving his NFL teammates on the Philadelphia Eagles -- graces the pages of People's latest Sexiest Man Alive issue as one of the finalists. Though Patrick Dempsey scored the top honors this year, Jason found himself ranked among a crop of Hollywood A-listers including Pedro Pascal, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Lenny Kravitz and Timothée Chalamet

But on Wednesday's episode of his New Heights podcast, Jason says that he was originally approached to participate as part of a package deal with Travis. 

"Initially you were supposed to be up there with me, but you declined it," Jason told his brother, prompting a huge laugh from the Kansas City Chiefs tight end. 

"There's no way," he fired back in disbelief. "How do you decline it?" 

"I don't know! But apparently you guys found a way to decline it," Jason responded, apparently alluding to Travis' publicity team. 

"I didn't get a call," Travis clarified. 

"They called me and said it would be me and you," Jason continued, noting that the mag had pitched the idea as "Sexiest Brothers Alive." 

Still, Travis insisted he was calling "bulls**t" on it. 

Jason and Travis Kelce pose for a photo during Game 1 of the NLCS between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Philadelphia Phillies at Citizens Bank Park on Monday, October 16, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. - Gabriella Ricciardi/MLB Photos via Getty Images

"Sexy Batman," as Travis refers to him, also offered his hilarious hot takes on this year's crop of contenders, declaring himself to be "way sexier" than Pascal but noting that Foxx and Kravitz are both "pretty sexy." 

Jason saved his most scathing remarks for Chalamet, though, drawing hysterics from Travis in the process. 

"Timothée's not my style," he declared. "I mean, I guess if you're into little skinny white guys. I mean, whatever." 

Doubling down, Jason said that the Dune star "does nothing for me" and suggests that he was only honored due to having "a sexy name." 

"But then when you look at him it's like, 'Eh, I'm not seeing it,'" Jason zinged. 

Travis joked that he first thought "they must have just wrote his name in by accident," but then said he was "proud" of his brother. 

"There's a lot of, I guess, things that I elicit out of women, I think, and I would think sexy is not high on that list," Jason added. 

"Dad body-ish," he continued. "Listen, all the dad bods out there are ecstatic with this selection." 

Doubling down, he joked that the magazine was looking to add "body diversity" to its issue. 

"We've only got ripped, chiseled or skinny, slender model-looking men," he cracked. "Who can we find that might be able to get some plus-sized diversity?" 

Jason Kelce #62 of the Philadelphia Eagles reacts after the game against the Miami Dolphins at Lincoln Financial Field on October 22, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. - Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Elsewhere in the podcast, the brothers addressed Travis' recent trip to Argentina in support of Taylor Swift's latest Eras Tour stop. 

"It was a whole bunch of fun," Travis said of the experience. 

In a heartfelt, brotherly moment, Jason said that "it was a lot of fun" seeing Travis' weekend unfold on social media.

"It was a lot of fun seeing the look on your face," he shared. "So I'm glad that you enjoyed it, Travis."

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