Why Robin Wright Had 'No Hesitation' About Doing a Final Season of 'House of Cards' (Exclusive)

The actress' character, Claire Underwood, is now become the president following actor Kevin Spacey’s ousting.

Claire Underwood had no problem filling her husband’s shoes. 

House of Cards’ sixth and final season will air next month, but there was a time when it wasn’t known whether the Netflix political drama would be returning. 

The series' leading man, Kevin Spacey, who played former president Francis Underwood, was fired from the show last November following allegations of sexual assault, which he has denied. 

Robin Wright plays Francis' wife, Claire Underwood, on the show and is now stepping into the lead role following Spacey's ousting.

"There wasn’t any hesitation,” Wright told ET of returning for a final season while at the Los Angeles season premiere of House of Cards on Monday night. "We wanted to close out this show the way it was always intended for the fans and equally important was we would have put over 600 people out of a job. So it was only fair to finish with the security they expected."


The cast, including Constance Zimmer, Greg Kinnear, Patricia Clarkson, Boris McGiver, Michael Kelly and more, all attended the premiere. Wright -- who looked fierce at the premiere in a sheer black top with a black suit and heels -- told ET that the last day on set was emotional for everyone involved. 

"It was bittersweet, lots of tears and nobody wanted to leave!” she said. "We hung out in the Oval Office until about 3 a.m., dancing." She added that there were “plenty” of beverages to help with the fun. 

House of Cards' final season premieres Nov. 2 on Netflix.