Why Prince William's Kids Won't Be Following in His Footsteps for School

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are forging their own path.

The royal children are heading back to school. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will return to Lambrook School on Wednesday, which marks a departure from their father, Prince William's, educational path.

During their childhoods, William and his brother, Prince Harry, attended Mrs. Mynors Nursery School, then Wetherby School and Ludgrove School, both of which were all boys institutions.

Instead of sending their children to the same schools, William and his wife, Kate Middleton, opted to find a coeducational school all three children could attend together, a source tells ET. That ended up being Lambrook, a school that has been protective of the siblings' privacy, according to the source.

Photographers and the royal press pack are prohibited from taking pictures, which allows William and Kate to do the school run uninterrupted and free from paparazzi, the source says. When photos are allowed on milestones, it is a small pool of one still photographer and one TV crew that takes photos which are then disseminated to the entire press pack, the source notes.

Lambrook School has amazing facilities, including an indoor pool, a golf course, an art and dance studio, and an orchard with chickens, bees, and pigs, which is all set on 52 acres, the source says.

The school offers field hockey, which is notable as Kate captained her team during her school years, per the source. The source notes that soccer fields are also present at the school, which is sure to please George, who's an avid player. Polo, a royal favorite, is also available to play at Lambrook School, according to the source.

"The Prince and Princess of Wales though have done everything they can to insulate their children from the pressures of their future so they can enjoy a normal childhood," the source says of William and Kate.

Even so, the source notes that George, 10, Charlotte, 8, and Louis, 5, "are slowly getting introduced to Royal engagements and could do their first Royal tour as a family of five in the next year."

As for George, the source says that the eldest royal child, whose nickname at school is PG for Prince George, has slowly become aware of his destiny as future King. In the coming years, George will slowly be educated about his role by his father and grandfather,  King Charles III, the source says.

William and Kate, who deliberated about the decision to have George participate in Charles' coronation, plan to introduce their son to the public sparingly in the coming years, the source says, in an effort to allow George's focus to remain on school and enjoying his early years.



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