Why Kirsten Dunst Stands By Calling Brad Pitt 'Interview With the Vampire' Kiss 'Gross' (Exclusive)

The actress reflects on the kiss, 25 years after 'Interview With the Vampire' hit theaters.

It's been 25 years since Kirsten Dunst starred alongside Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in Interview with the Vampire -- and the actress' opinion of the film (and her kiss with Pitt) hasn't changed at all. 

At the Los Angeles premiere of Becoming A God In Central Florida on Tuesday, ET surprised Dunst with an interview of her child self calling the Pitt kiss "gross." Dunst stands by it. 

"Yeah, it was gross! I stand by that. It would have been so much creepier if an 11-year-old was like, 'It was great.' You'd be like, 'There’s something wrong with this child,'" the actress, 37, reasoned. 

Despite the less-than-ideal kiss with Pitt, 18 years her senior, Dunst couldn't have better memories of her time on set of the 1994 film. "They were so sweet to me," she raved of Pitt and Cruise. "I mean, listen, that production, that film, was like nothing else I've ever experienced -- maybe Marie Antoinette, because of where we shot. Other than that, they just don't make movies like that anymore."

For now, the actress is focusing on TV, as On Becoming A God In Central Florida premieres on Showtime on Sunday. Dunst stars in the dark comedy as Krystal Gill, a water park employee who schemes her way up the ranks of a pyramid scheme that drove her family to ruin. 

"Krystal, she took away every weekend of my life. It's a lot of maintenance with Krystal," the actress said of her character's spray tan and braces. "You wouldn't think it but yeah, a lot of work to be here." 
"The braces are just little clip-ons, but the spray tan was every Sunday night for six months, and then you have to sleep in it. So, I always had brown sheets in the morning and couldn't hold my baby at night because I'd get spray tan on him," she confessed. 

"I was tired all of the time," she added of her first project since welcoming her son, Ennis, with Jesse Plemons, last year. "I was like, 'I'm so tired.' But Krystal was tired, so I just put it into that." 

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Dunst also serves as an executive producer on the project, alongside George Clooney -- who was pretty hands-off on the series. 

"Actually George he kind of let us do our thing," she shared. "He had Catch-22 too, so he was focused on that. They were part of the process at the very beginning and then the end." 

See more on Dunst in the video below.