Why Cole Sprouse Is 'Absolutely Not' Doing a 'Suite Life' Reboot

The 'Riverdale' star sat down with Drew Barrymore and opened up about the idea of reviving his childhood series.

Cole Sprouse isn't looking to relive the past -- or reboot it. The Riverdale star couldn't be more direct when it comes to the possibility of rebooting his old Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

Cole joined The Drew Barrymore Show on Tuesday, where he opened up about the possibility of rebooting or reviving the show, which he starred in opposite his twin brother, Dylan Sprouse -- which he said is a question he hears frequently.

"Reboots are a tricky thing, you know?" Cole, 28, explained. "The original shows, when they become successful, sit in this little golden plate of nostalgia. And when you modernize it and go back to it, it has the potential to really disenfranchise the original fanbase. So it’s a very, very touchy thing."

Cole continued, "I am asked all the time if Dylan and I are going to do a Suite Life reboot and I go, 'No, absolutely not.'"

Clearly, Cole appreciates nostalgia and looking back on past work, and the star explained that he actually reconnected with his Big Daddy co-star Adam Sandler during an Uncut Gems premiere after-party as they reminisced about filming together.

"We spent like, an hour and a half at the after-party of the premiere just geeking out about Big Daddy, and what it was to film that when I was 6," he reflected. "Now granted, I don’t remember nearly as much as he did but he met his wife on that movie, and so his whole life kind of went in a very specific direction from that film."

When he was a young child star, Cole also acted alongside one of Sandler's friends and frequent collaborators, Jennifer Aniston, in an episode of Friends. However, Cole said it was a challenge because he had something of a crush on the actress at the time.

"It actually made it quite difficult to work in front of her, I must admit. I was a child, I would stammer a lot and I would forget my lines," Cole recalled. "I feel like I’d maintain my composure a bit more effectively now but it was quite difficult when I was a kid. And I was teased a little bit by the crew because they saw it and I would just forget and be looking at her, but then the whole world had a crush on Jennifer Aniston, so..."

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