Why Alicia Vikander Decided to Delete Instagram After One Month

Mariano Vivanco

The 'Tomb Raider' star also opens up to 'Harper's Bazaar' about where her self-confidence comes from.

The Instagram life just wasn't for Alicia Vikander

The Tomb Raider star graces the cover of Harper's Bazaar's April issue, and inside the magazine, she opens up about her short-lived experience with social media. Vikander quit using Instagram after just one month on the platform. 

"I realized early on that social media was not good for me," she reveals. "I personally didn’t find the joy in it."

The 30-year-old actress says she finds self-confidence outside of digital "likes." It comes from within -- and a desire not to let anyone know if she isn't feeling so hot. 

“In this industry, you must be willing to throw yourself out there, which I enjoy. I’m good at hiding all those nerves inside. Something I’ve heard all my life is, ‘Oh, you seem so tough,’" she shares. "I think one of the main things I do well is to not show that I’m shitting my pants.”

Mariano Vivanco
Mariano Vivanco
Mariano Vivanco

Vikander wants young girls to have that same confidence. Upon the release of Tomb Raider last year, Vikander said it was important that her version of Lara Croft was someone fans could look up to. 

"We wanted to base most of the action in reality," Vikander told Marie Claire. "She's a girl my size, having to become a survivor and overcome a lot of obstacles, and I wanted it to be believable that she could do it. All the action scenes when I had to fight with a man bigger than me -- we had to figure out how I could actually kick his a**."

"I wanted to show young girls that it’s cool to be a girl who’s really strong and that watching her, you feel like OK, she might be able to climb that wall," she added. "She might be able to lift her own weight."

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