Watch Robert Irwin Wrangle a Snake From the Road Bare-Handed

The 18-year-old Australia Zookeeper found the snake in the middle of the road at the zoo.

Robert Irwin has ice in his veins. Case in point -- he picked up a snake with his bare hands to save a big fella slithering across the road in the middle of the night.

The 18-year-old Australia Zookeeper and conservationist posted two videos on his TikTok account this week showing the daring rescue. You can see he's driving in the middle of the night when he spots what appears to look like a 6-foot snake. "Have a look at this big fella," Irwin's heard saying before pulling over and positioning his camera to capture the action.

"He's a big boy," says Irwin as he gets up close and personal with the snake. "You're alright. Decent-sized snake."

Irwin then explains the snake's slithering on a road at the Australia Zoo, but what makes it such a "very very bad position" for the snake is that across the road there are crocs and on the other side are a bunch of birds, both of which Irwin says can easily count the snake as a late-night snack.

"He's either gonna get eaten or he's going to eat one of their animals," Irwin says.


Snake rescue Part 2! (Special thanks to my amazing cinematographer)

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The teen, a spitball image of his late famous father Steve Irwin, explains he'll pick up the snake and drive it to natural bushland where the snake will have a better chance at life. While he's holding the snake, Irwin explains the reptile's constricting his hand. Irwin also seems to have zero qualms about the snake's close proximity to his face!

"Beautiful snake," he says, "Don't bite me in the face. He's thinking about it." Before long, Irwin gets behind the wheel while he's still holding onto the snake!

That video ends but Irwin later posts Part 2, which shows him and his mom, Terri, releasing the snake into a pond. The snake then swims away (yes, snakes can swim). "Wow, well done," Terri can be heard saying as she records the video.

Fans flooded the comments section and complimented Irwin for his heroic actions. One fan wrote, "Robert you are single-handedly carrying humanity." Another fan commented, "This has to be super surreal for your mom to be filming her son just like she did for her dad! What a lovely mother-son moment."