Watch Kelly Ripa Interview Mark Consuelos and Michael Gelman During Six-Minute Ice Bath Challenge

The TV personality also interviewed Michael Gelman during the six minute-long challenge.

Kelly Ripa interviewed her co-workers while they were completing a tough physical challenge. On Wednesday's episode of Live With Kelly and Mark, Ripa watched on as her co-host and husband, Mark Consuelos, and the show's executive producer, Michael Gelman, took a six-minute-long ice bath.

After Dr. Jonathan Leary of Remedy Place explained the benefits of doing a cold plunge, Consuelos and Gelman stripped down to their swimsuits and jumped into their respective tubs.

At one point, Consuelos reached for Gelman's hand as they sat side-by-side. When Ripa leaned down to get in on the moment, though, Gelman hilariously shooed her away.

"Do you have any words that you want to say, Gelman?" she asked the producer, who responded with a sarcastic, "Ahhhh."

As for how Consuelos fared, he told his wife, "I feel good. The legs, it's interesting in the legs. I would say it's an extreme feeling."

When the show cut to commercial, Ripa went over to talk to the audience, joking about how "Mark looks perfectly normal and Gelman looks like he's suffering."

Despite the pain, both Consuelos and Gelman made it past the six-minute mark and Ripa rewarded them for their accomplishment by serving them hot dogs.

Consuelos took over Ryan Seacrest's hosting duties in April to become his wife's co-host. ET spoke to the couple two months into their new working relationship, and they both gushed about doing the show together.

"I'm having so much fun meeting the actors or the performers that come on that I've always been a big fan of and I get to work with someone who's the best in the business," Consuelos said of his wife.

Ripa had equally kind words for her husband, telling ET, "He really brings such joy to us. Not just me personally, as his wife, but as a worker here. All of our producers who have known Mark for 23 years have always adored him... But working with him, Mark makes everybody feel very protected. He is very irreverent, which is perfect for what we do here and he really understands the assignment. It's just been a joy watching him take over and sort of make it his own."


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