Watch Katy Perry Crash Lionel Richie's CMA Awards Interview (Exclusive)

ET caught up with the 'American Idol' judges on the red carpet!

Lionel Richie couldn't get through his interview with ET without an interruption from Katy Perry! ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the singer at Wednesday's 2022 CMA Awards, and while he was talking about Perry and Luke Bryan, his fellow American Idol judges, the former performer inserted herself into the conversation.

"When Katy comes in there is no more cohesion," Richie told ET before Perry joined the interview. "... By the way, [it happens] that way on the show... Luke is gonna do [something] crazy, Katy is gonna do something crazy and I'm sitting going, 'Guys...'"

"I've been trying to [be the voice of reason] my whole life," he continued, "but ABC has found a new sandbox for me to play [in] with these two children called Luke and Katy. I'm having a ball."

It was then that Perry walked up to join in on the fun, stating, "This is two out of three... They're my brothers. I cannot believe it."

"The third is, like, he's stressed," Perry said of Bryan, who co-hosted Wednesday's show alongside Peyton Manning. "He's going over his lines. He's like, 'Will [you] do it?'"

While Perry declined Bryan's offer to take over his hosting duties, she joked, "I really actually might rush Luke and Peyton tonight, just to shake it up, just to be, like, I am that girl from L.A."

With that, Perry left Richie to his interview, during which time the "Dancing on the Ceiling" singer reflected on his recent induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"I'm alive. I actually lived through it to actually get it. Can you believe that?" he questioned. "I'm so happy about this. And by the way, that Hall of Fame thing was pretty much an out-of-body experience... When they called my name, I kept thinking, 'What just happened?'... It's just a big flash in life and so I'm just enjoying the ride here."

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