Watch How Brendan Fraser Physically Transformed Into His 'The Whale' Character

The actor played a 600-pound character in the award-winning film.

Fans are getting a peek at Brendan Fraser's transformation for The Whale. On Thursday, production company A24 posted a time lapse that showcases the 54-year-old actor's dramatic transformation into Charlie, his 600-pound character in the award-winning film, which was directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The video shows a team of artists applying makeup and prosthetics to Fraser as he passes the time by looking on his phone.

Back in December, Fraser and prosthetics makeup designer Adrien Morot told Variety that the actor's transformation took up to six hours a day and 300 pounds of prosthetics. 

When ET spoke with Fraser that same month, the actor opened up about how his character is more than who he is physically.

"The point is he's a person, he's a man, and he's so much more than who he would appear to be to the world," Fraser said. "It's so easy to be cynical and dismiss others that way when we know the challenge of connecting with those is what brings us closest together."

Then, in February, Fraser reacted to his career renaissance in a separate interview with ET.

"I wouldn't have known what to do with it, 20-25 years ago," he said of his current career success. "It would have been too much, too soon. Now that I'm 54, I feel more comfortable, more qualified, more confident."