'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Sneak Peek: Find Out Why Lala Kent Is in Tears (Exclusive)

Lala Kent is in tears at the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion

In ET's exclusive first look at part 2 of the 'Vanderpump Rules' season 10 reunion, Lala Kent breaks into unexpected tears.

Part two of the Bravo Super Bowl is here, as the Vanderpump Rules reunion continues with more emotional roller-coaster moments.

"Scandoval," the season-ending aftermath of Tom Sandoval's affair with one-time buddy James Kennedy's ex-fiancèe, Raquel Leviss -- which all played out behind the back of Tom's longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix -- takes a backseat in ET's exclusive sneak peek, as more season 10 aftershocks play out between host Andy Cohen and other members of the cast: Lisa Vanderpump, Lala Kent, James and his girlfriend, Ally Lewber. 

Ally, who was not present in part one, joins the crew onstage, now seated between James and Lala. Andy asks her about the advice she received from Lala and Raquel over the course of the season, sort-of warnings against James' intense and sometimes indefensible behavior.

"Did you ever feel like telling Lala or Raquel to stay out of your relationship?" he queries, eliciting a laugh out of the VPR newcomer.

"You can say, yes," Lala reassures Ally, after she turns to her for permission.

"I mean, I think at that time, I was kinda open to hear what they had to say, but now looking back, I do feel like I could've been a little bit more, like, protective of us," she offers, gesturing to James.

"I think at that point in time, I was extremely triggered by my own situation and I was just feeling like I didn't want anything that had happened to me to happen to other chicks," Lala shares, her eyes welling up. The tears catch Lisa's attention. 

"Why's Lala getting so emotional? I want to know," she pleads, as Lala waves off the inquiry. "No, no, we're not doing that," she replies.

Watch it all unfold here:

"It's OK," Lisa reassures her. "This is the side of you I love. I don't always want to see the angry side."

"It just... sorry," Lala starts, wiping tears from her face. "My life, like, was a lot this summer. I was hypersensitive to everything around me. I felt like such an idiot, such a fool. And so I just felt like, with her, for example, to just baby her."

Lala stepped into season 10 having called off her own engagement to the father of her now-2-year-old daughter, Ocean, movie producer Randall Emmett. Around the time cameras went up, an explosive Los Angeles Times exposè hit newsstands, alleging corrupt behavior on Randall's part. He's denied all wrongdoing, and described the coverage of his business dealings as hit pieces carried out as a vendetta. They're currently locked in a custody battle over Ocean. 

"I do feel for Lala a lot," James interjects in her defense. "I know how much she's gone through, how strong she's been. Like, as a woman she has conquered a company, a baby and dealing with such an a**hole of an ex, right? That she's just an absolute legend in my eyes, right?"

Nicole Weingart / Bravo

That said, he then tells Andy he "didn't feel good" watching the scene where Lala shared her feelings about James and Ally's relationship.

"I called Lala," he reveals. "She knows I'm not that guy, so it's like, why are you gonna go ahead and keep saying this? Like, you're not Raquel right now."

That's when fans get their eyes on Raquel, still holed up in a trailer 100 yards away from the action due to her then-active restraining order against Scheana Shay. She's changed out of her sweats, though, and is now reunion stage ready.

Viewers will have to tune in to see how much of Raquel's POV makes it to their screens this week, when Vanderpump Rules airs Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo. Part three airs at the same time the next week, on Wednesday, June 7.