'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Part 3: Raquel Leviss Asked Tom Sandoval to be a 'Throuple' With Ariana Madix

The conclusion to the epic three-part finale aired Wednesday night.

Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules officially came to an end with part three of the show's highly anticipated reunion, and a shocking bombshell not even the cast could predict.

Raquel Leviss propositioned Tom Sandoval to become a "throuple" (couple with three people) with his then-girlfriend, Ariana Madix.

And that's not all, as many fans suspected the affair started much earlier than Sandoval and Leviss originally let on, throwing the timeline that things started with a kiss between the two in August, out the window.

The pair were already sleeping together during Scheana Shay's wedding in Mexico, hooking up for the second time there and multiple times during the trip. They even slept together while Madix was away at a family member's funeral. After they stopped filming the season, they started hooking up even more, with Sandoval and Leviss delving into a relationship that evolved into something that was more than just sexual in nature.

Leviss met Sandoval's mom who she said was aware of the situation. The revelation was the first time viewers really see Leviss break down over the situation and the lies she and Sandoval have told in order to save face in front of the group and their fans.

News of Sandoval and Leviss' months-long affair first broke in March, thereby ending Sandoval's nine-year relationship with Madix -- sparking the "Scandoval" that has since set reality TV ablaze.

Host Andy Cohen and Bravo EP Alex Baskin teased the shocking revelation ahead of part three, including a comment from Sandoval that Cohen said was going to "upset every woman in America."

Sandoval poked fun at Madix for having sex with him with a shirt on, something he found un-attractive when discussing the lack of intimacy in their relationship.

"She kept her t-shirt on, it was really hot," Sandoval scoffed.

The comment was instantly met with backlash, especially from women on the cast who were appalled by what Sandoval had to say.

While parts one and two saw the cast break down the scandal, and roasting Sandoval for his part in it, part three saw Leviss finally take the stage and get her own flogging.

Despite hits on Leviss' lack of empathy in previous episodes -- with the former pageant contestant cracking a few smiles in part two -- she did attempt to apologize to Madix and other members of the cast, but they weren't having it.

A visibly angry Madix called her former friend "selfish," "diabolical," "demented" and "disgusting" among other things.

"You’re disgusting and I wish nothing but the worst f**king s**t that could ever happen to a person on you," Madix says to Leviss to tried to use her love for Sandoval as a scapegoat.

As for that bombshell, it calls into question who will be returning to the mega-popular series, which has already been renewed for season 11. Leviss has since said that her future on the show hangs in the balance. Whether Sandoval and some of the other big players will return now that the true timeline has been revealed, that remains to be seen.