'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion: Cast Fights With Lisa Vanderpump Over Support of Tom Sandoval

James Kennedy stormed off the reunion set multiple times.

The cast of Vanderpump Rules is taking aim at the show's namesake. On part one of the Bravo series' highly-anticipated reunion special, much of the cast pushed back at Lisa Vanderpump for appearing to side with Tom Sandoval.

The first episode of the reunion came amid Scandoval, the fan-made name for the months-long affair Sandoval had with Raquel Leviss during his nine-year-long relationship with Ariana Madix.

Vanderpump entered the "much-needed" reunion prepared to "sort it out" and get to the truth, even complimenting Madix's "revenge dress." Later in the reunion, though, Vanderpump pushed back at a couple of comments Madix made.

When host Andy Cohen asked if a lack of intimacy played a role in the deterioration of Madix and Sandoval's relationship, Madix replied, "No, I think he caused the divide in the relationship because he was f**king other people."

Vanderpump noted that "other people" implies more than just Leviss, and Madix insisted, "He's f**ked more than Raquel."

Later, Vanderpump's business relationship with Sandoval came up, and Cohen asked Madix if that continued relationship would cause her to cut off contact with the VPR matriarch.

"We just won’t be as close," Madix said, as a shocked Vanderpump exclaimed, "Hold on a second! What do you expect me to do?"

Vanderpump went on to point out her long-term support of Madix, but Madix insisted she'd have a hard time confiding in Vanderpump in the future. Eventually, the women came to a truce of sorts, with both agreeing that Vanderpump's professional entanglement with Sandoval shouldn't affect her relationship with Madix.

Then there was the situation with James Kennedy. When the DJ continuously spoke over Sandoval, Vanderpump told him to "Stop it!" Later, Vanderpump physically inserted himself between Kennedy and Sandoval twice and told the former man he'd be sent to his dressing room if he didn't behave.

"I'll be sent for a time-out!" Kennedy joked in a child-like tone. "I get a spank-bottom at lunchtime, Andy. Lisa, I get a spank-bottom, alright?"

Earlier in the episode, Lala Kent got in on the drama, comparing Sandoval to her ex, Randall Emmett, calling Sandoval "a f**king narcissist," and insisting that "everyone needs to be warned" about this "dangerous human being."

Vanderpump told Kent that that was a "ridiculous" stance to take, but Kent noted that she didn't ask for Vanderpump's opinion and wouldn't be taking any advice she dished out.

Kent continued her rampage against Sandoval, saying "there's something wrong" with him, given that he allegedly had sex with Leviss while Madix was home. Vanderpump responded by pointing out the cast's history of infidelity and telling Kent to calm down, a request the latter woman denied.

"We're here for, like, 10 hours for God's sake!" Lisa exclaimed. "You cannot start like this."

At the end of the episode, Vanderpump told Kent she had been "pretty aggressive" throughout the taping.

"You gotta stop. You gotta stop," Kent replied to a shocked Vanderpump. Kennedy was Team Lala, telling Vanderpump she was sticking up for Sandoval too much.

"I'm not sticking up for Tom!" Vanderpump insisted, as Sandoval said she was simply "being reasonable." With that, Kennedy stormed off the set, proclaiming, "I'm not gonna listen to this s**t."

The Vanderpump Rules reunion will continue on June 1 and June 8 on Bravo.