'Vanderpump Rules' Reunion Bombshell: Every Word From the Explosive Last 5 Minutes of the Reunion

The three-part reunion ended with a shocking revelation that surprised viewers and even the cast.

Part three of the epic Vanderpump Rules reunion was filled with tears, expletive-filled insults and a shocking bombshell that came in the last five minutes of Wednesday night's episode.

If you missed the show, ET has got you covered with every word from the explosive last moments of the VPR reunion, which saw Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss reveal the real timeline of their months-long affair, confirming suspicions that Sandoval had been cheating on longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix for much longer than both he and Leviss initially admitted to.

News of "Scandoval" first broke in March, but this major revelation shows that the drama is far from over. 

See the full transcript below:

On-Screen Title Card: Six days later, Raquel sat down for her final interview of the season.

Producer: You ready? Are you OK? You seem like you're in a lot of pain.

Raquel Leviss: Yeah

Producer: Why?

Raquel: I think it's important to me to tell the truth. I think that I've been lying and being so deceitful this entire time that I don't want to lie anymore. And it's all out there anyway. The worst is out. Yet I'm still finding myself having to lie about specific timeline things.

Producer: I mean you did maintain some untruths, some lies, at the reunion. Why did you do that?

Raquel: He feels like it would be less hurtful to say that this wasn't going on for so long.

Producer: At what point was it, like, a regular thing? Like, while we were still filming?

Raquel: Uhuh.

Producer: Yeah.

Raquel: The second time was, it was actually during Mexico. 

Producer: Oh, it was in Mexico.

Raquel: I was like, 'We can't see each other. This isn't going to be a thing.' But then that first night in Cancun, he was like drunk and like trying to find his room, and I heard him in the hallway. There was somebody who was working there and he was asking which direction the elevator was. And I was like, 'Wait, just come inside. Sorry sir, he's really drunk.' That was the second time we were physically intimate with each other.

Producer: Did you guys have sex multiple times in Mexico?

Raquel: Um, yeah.

Producer: So it was like a regular ongoing thing between you two, sounds like, as of Mexico.

Raquel: Yeah. I mean, yeah. I don't remember how often it would happen, but it definitely picked up speed more after we wrapped filming.

Producer: Did you spend time with his family?

Raquel: I've met his mom, yeah, and she was aware of the situation.

Producer: Where was that?

Raquel: That was in L.A.

Producer: Did you go to St. Louis with him?

Raquel: No. 

Producer: No?

Raquel: No. 

Producer: So you've never been to St. Louis?

Raquel: I can't recall, no.

Producer: I mean, you're telling me everything with your face and your actions. Like, I'm reading it on you.

Raquel: I know. I have a really bad poker face.

Producer: So might as well just say it.

Raquel: It frickin' happened, yeah... I definitely felt really guilty. A huge part of me wanted to tell her. Like, it ate me alive not to tell her... I mean, I even suggested, like, 'What would Ariana think of having me as an addition?' And he was like, 'No, no, no. She would not be into that.'

Producer: Like a throuple?

Raquel: Yeah. Because I love Ariana as a person, and also I'm in love with Tom Sandoval, so yeah. It didn't seem like that farfetched of an idea. But it was not something in question. God, he's gonna kill me. I just hate lying so much.

Producer: What happened the night you went to the jacuzzi? Did you guys hook up that night?

Raquel: No. No.

Producer: You look different.

Raquel: He's asked me to not disclose all this information. Especially now, with being so isolated, I feel like Tom is like my one person I do have, and if I just went and betrayed him, then I'd really have nobody.

Producer: You already came clear about the timeline. So you've ripped the band-aid off, like, what's one more detail?

Raquel: *Crying* That's the one story that we've agreed on getting straight and I know that the reason why Tom wanted to lie about is because it's a really bad look to hook up with someone's boyfriend in their own house, when they've gone out of town. Especially for a funeral of all things. So I don't know, this is f**king killed my soul. I am so sick of lying. I hate it. I hate being deceitful. It's horrible.

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