'Vanderpump Rules': Lala Kent Labels Raquel Leviss 'a Baby Prostitute' as Tom Sandoval Affair Secretly Starts

The most recent episode of 'Vanderpump Rules' was dramatic.

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules, which aired Wednesday on Bravo, was filled with drama and tension. 

The episode opens with James Kennedy at home, working on new music mixes, as his dad, Andros, joins the scene.

James and his dad discuss James' drinking, but his dad doesn’t think he has a drinking problem. They then discuss James and Raquel Leviss’ breakup, with his dad admitting he "never really saw" James marrying Raquel, "not from day one."

The episode shifts to Scheana Shay at home in Marina Del Rey, California. While figuring out the seating chart for her wedding, her fiancé, Brock Davies, comments on Raquel’s "roster" being "stacked" at the wedding. 

Brock mentions how Raquel will be walking down the aisle with her Coachella make-out partner, Brock's friend, Joey, as well as her former fiancé, James. Her SUR hookup, Peter Madrigal, will also be at the wedding. 

Meanwhile, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz are setting up for a tasting menu at Schwartz & Sandy’s. Katie Maloney shows up to help with the tasting and Schwartz says it’s his "little way of saying, I still care about you and I want you in my life."

Lala Kent, Ariana Madix and Scheana arrive for a girls' dinner. Ally Lewber joins soon after. In a side interview, Ariana says they just want to include Ally because she’s around the group. Ariana says she gave Raquel a heads-up this was happening. During Scheana's interview, she says she wants to get to know Ally, so long as it doesn’t hurt Raquel’s feelings. Lala says, "I really don’t give a f**k if it hurts Raquel’s feelings."

The girls start discussing the argument that broke out between Raquel and Lala at Tom and Ariana’s pool party. Scheana says Raquel was "standing up for herself." Lala calls out how Raquel "short circuits" if an argument doesn’t go the way she predicts it will go. Lala voices her disappointment in Raquel, calling her a "mistress bimbo" and says Raquel "looked like a baby prostitute" at the party.

After a heated girls night, Lala meets up with Scheana and Brock for lunch. They discuss how Lala will navigate wedding festivities involving Raquel; she’s largely avoiding them. They then discuss their issues from last season, in which Lala called out Brock for being a deadbeat dad. He credits her with pushing him toward rebuilding his relationship with his kids.

Meanwhile, Lisa Vanderpump throws a tea party at her home. Tom Sandoval and Ariana are first to arrive; then Tom Schwartz, Raquel, James, and other various friends. Lala arrives a bit later; she joins the group outside, who reveals it’s a surprise bridal party for Scheana.

Later, James and Lala speculate that Raquel is the reason Ally can’t come to Scheana and Brock’s wedding ceremony.

Raquel and Schwartz have a one-on-one chat at the party. In an interview, Raquel says she likes that she and Schwartz "are tight" and maybe they’ll be "even tighter in the future." Then, she tells her producer that "tighter" makes her think of "vagina tight." In an interview, James voices his disgust for Schwartz and Raquel being flirty.

Back at LVP’s party, James appears drunk. Lisa and Lala sit him down for a talk and in an interview, Lala admits she’s "nervous for" James because he was sober for so long. Earlier in the season, James said he started to drink again. 

Later in the episode, the whole cast is preparing to travel to Mexico for Scheana’s wedding. The crew eventually arrives in Playa del Carmen in two groups: Scheana, Brock and family make up one, and everyone else is in the second group. Sandoval, Ariana and Raquel arrive in the same car.

Lala and Katie discuss their room assignments because they’re far away from each other, while Scheana reveals in an interview that she had Katie moved to another tower and removed from the preferred club list.

While celebrating, Ariana answers a call from Lisa and Jamie, Lisa’s realtor. Lisa reveals to the girls that they landed the space they wanted for their sandwich shop, Something About Her! 

"I’m so excited to be in Mexico, nothing else to get in the way, my quality time with Tom. He is my prisoner," Ariana says. 

Wedding guests arrive at a resort restaurant, including Lala, who brings Kristina Kelly with her, much to Scheana’s surprise. Scheana recalls Kristina being a "mean girl" when her first wedding happened and how her and Stassi Schroeder’s comments about her dress looking like a "skanky girl’s quinceñera" hurt her, as she is half Mexican.

The group discusses James' bad behavior earlier in the day that took place off-camera, where James body-checked one of Brock’s friends. James and Ariana get into an argument over the defense of his actions.

"Watching Ally cringe with embarrassment with how James is acting right now makes me so happy that that is not me anymore," Raquel says. 

Lala tells James to stop talking, and then Ariana snaps at James for doubling down on his actions. Ally says she cannot sit here and watch James act like this, asking, "Who is this person that I’m dating?" 

Ariana says she’s "had enough" with James and is raising her voice because it’s the only way he’ll listen to her,

The episode ends with a "TO BE CONTINUED." 

Earlier this month, ET confirmed that Sandoval and Ariana called it quits after she discovered the aspiring musician was having an affair with Raquel

A source close to production also confirmed to ET that cameras were back up and rolling as the drama played out, with plans to include the fallout of the breakup in season 10, which is currently airing on Bravo.