Tyra Banks Reprises Her Role as Eve From 'Life-Size' for Funny 'Barbie' Reaction Pic

'Ken, you’re leaving me for WHO???' she captioned the silly throwback shot.

Long before Margot Robbie brought Barbie to the big screen, Tyra Banks was channeling her inner doll. 

Banks threw it back with a silly Instagram pic on Thursday, channeling her character, Eve, from Life-Size for a funny reaction to Greta Gerwig's new movie. Banks appears fully costumed as Eve 2.0, from the film's 2018 sequel, wearing a bright coral dress with ruffle sleeves and a bejeweled necklace while donning her character's signature glam of a half-up pony and black eyeliner. She looks stoic as she gazes off into the distance while holding a toy cellphone up to her ear. 

"Ken, you’re leaving me for WHO??? 😭" she captioned the funny pic. 

Life Size, which premiered on Disney Channel in 2000, became a cult classic with fans thanks to an ultra-catchy theme song, Banks' commitment to her Barbie-esque performance as a living doll and a young Lindsay Lohan, who was fresh off her star-making role in The Parent Trap.

Banks returned to the beloved role in a 2018 sequel, co-starring Francia Raisa, for Freeform. 

In Barbie, in theaters now, Robbie stars as the titular doll who embarks on an epic venture from her Barbie Land home into the Real World. The film features a star-studded cast, packed with Barbies and Kens beyond just the central couple, with that Ken played by Ryan Gosling. Just like in the toy stores, there's a Doctor Barbie, a President Barbie, a Mermaid Barbie and many more! (All the Kens are just Kens, though.)

"I am just so excited," Robbie recently told ET ahead of the film's release in an interview filmed before the SAG-AFTRA strike. "We're at the point of sharing it with the world. There's always that thing when you make a movie and you love it and you care about it so much and you hope that people are gonna like it and even see it. Like even if they don't like it, I just hope they see it and get to form an opinion. But I feel like so many people are gonna see this movie that it's really exciting."

"It really is Greta's vision," she added. "I mean, the vision for Barbie obviously started 64 years ago, but Greta bringing it into the world today in the way that only Greta Gerwig can is what makes this movie worth making right now."

Barbie is now in theaters.


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