Betty Draper Finally Got to Pull the Trigger on 'Last Man on Earth,' See January Jones Reunite With 'Mad Men's


Sunday’s episode of Last Man on Earth gave Mad Men fans the answer to the question they’ve been asking since the critically-acclaimed show took its final bow in May 2015: When are we getting a reunion?

The answer, which proved to be somehow even more satisfying than we ever could have imagined -- at the end of the world, when Betty Draper (January Jones) finally gets her revenge.

Jones has been a regular cast member on Fox's post-apocalyptic comedy since its first season, playing Melissa, a member of Philip Tandy’s (the titular Last Man, played by Will Forte) core group of survivors. When the group is approached by a threesome of hazmat-wearing strangers with guns in Sunday’s season 3 premiere, things quickly go from bad to worse in the tension-packed standoff. And that’s when Melissa comes barreling in with a shotgun, calling back this classic Mad Men moment:

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When one of the strangers makes an unexpected movement, Melissa pulls the trigger, shooting “Darrell” in the chest. His fellow invaders immediately drop their weapons, pulling off Darrell’s mask to reveal none other than Jones' former on-screen husband, Jon Hamm!

“We weren’t going to shoot you,” Darrell gasps with his last dying breaths. “We come in peace.”

Sure, Darrell. That’s exactly what Don would say.

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