Amber Rose Reveals She Wants Another Baby, Gets Candid on What She Likes in the Bedroom

The 32-year-old model pulled out all the stops for another hilarious episode of 'The Amber Rose Show.'

Amber Rose is ready for baby No. 2!

During the fourth episode of The Amber Rose Show on Friday, the model revealed she wants to give her 3-year-old son, Sebastian, a little brother or sister.

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Rose began the conversation by telling viewers she recently cheered on Sebastian's dad -- her ex-fiancé, Wiz Khalifa -- at his show with Snoop Dogg in Charlotte, North Carolina. As always, she asked the "We Dem Boyz" rapper if he could help her out with the baby-making process.

"Now, you know that we have Sebastian together, and I really, really want another baby," Rose, 32, confessed. "So I asked him for his sperm, like I always do, every time I'm around him. And I'm like, 'He'll probably give me some more sperm, so we can have another baby!'"

That's when things took an awkward turn.

"But instead, he just put his babies on my face," she joked. "Thanks, Wiz!"

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During another point in the show, MUVA got candid about what she likes (and doesn't like!) in the bedroom while chatting with guest No. 1, fellow model Tyson Beckford.

"I do not like morning sex," she admitted. "Ya breath is stinkin' in the morning."

When Beckford suggested using "mouthwash," she clarified her statements, saying, "Yeah, if I have a moment to get up and get cute, and you can get cute too … brush my teeth and get it all together, then yes, I can do morning."

"But then any other time of the day is fine!" she exclaimed.

Beckford then asked Rose what her favorite sex position was, and before she could answer, a fan in the audience suggested "doggy [style]."

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"Why does everyone say doggy because I got a big a**?" Rose chimed in. "I would say missionary. I feel like a lot of girls like it missionary, but they never admit it because it seems like you're just a lazy f**k if you like it missionary."

In addition to sex, Rose also discussed dating in Los Angeles vs. New York City with her second guest, El Johnson.

"You can go to New York and walk down the street and get it in," the stylish son of basketball legend Magic Johnson said. "You can get it like that! You don't have to try hard, you make little eye contact and then you'll be like, 'Hi, how are you? You wanna get out of here?' 'Yes, let's go!' and that's all you need."

"Here [in L.A.] there are games, there are hoops, you know, you have to go through a flaming hoop just to get some kind of anything."

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