EXCLUSIVE: These Are All the Reasons 'Mad Men's' Joan Is Just Like Mary Tyler Moore

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Mad Men may have been more feminist than critics gave it credit for.

Author Jennifer Keishin Armstrong points out how much Mad Men's Joan (Christina Hendricks) parallels the iconic Mary Tyler Moore in bonus material from the Mad Men: The Final Season, Part 2 DVD and Blu-ray sets, and ET has the exclusive clip!

"Mary [Tyler Moore] and Joan have a good deal in common, because so much of what Joan does in the office is clean up other people's messes," says Armstrong, who wrote Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted. "Joan truly is the most competent person who works for the agency, and so much of what she does is care for the men, take care of them, anticipate their needs and make sure that what needs to get done gets done."

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Armstrong underlines the similarities between the two characters making their own way in media companies dominated by men.

"In part, that was Mary's job," Armstrong says. "She was technically a producer, but she was really a help mate, a caretaker, a problem solver. She was the person the men went to in the office to seek advice, to seek help and to seek care. They both are these maternal figures in their workplace families."

Armstrong observes that Joan's success is owed to her competence as well as the fact that she cements relationships with her male coworkers not as equals, but through a flirtatious attitude that keeps the men interested and attracted to her.

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"Joan never wanted to be one of the boys," Armstrong explains. "She always wanted to be admired by the boys."

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