'Glee' at Paleyfest: 18 Cast Secrets to Know Before the Series Finale!


Before you say goodbye to 'Glee', we've got a few things you need to know!

Before you say goodbye to Glee, we've got a few things you need to know!

On Friday night, Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss, and many more cast members of Fox's hit musical series gathered at the Glee Farewell Panel at Paleyfest to look back on their time together at William McKinley High School over the last six years.

ETonline has gathered up 18 fun-facts, secrets, and cast anecdotes that all Gleeks should know before tuning into Glee's special two-hour series finale on Friday, March 20.

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When Lea Michele sang the last solo of her Glee career -- a song entitled, "This Time" written by Darren Criss -- the actress had to call her mom to come and pick her up at the end of shooting because she was such a mess. "That was the day I feel to my knees and cried," Michele said.

2. Chris Colfer
had his first ever sip of alcohol with his fellow Gleeks at Kevin McHale's apartment along with Amber Riley and Jenna Ushkowitz.

3. Mark Salling originally lied about his age in his Glee audition -- he said he was 19, but he was really 26. Ryan Murphy finally called him out on this fib, but to Salling's relief his older age was preferred for the role.

4. Heather Morris
says that she was finally given more lines when Murphy saw the actress give an imitation of what a tone-deaf Brittany S. Pierce would sound like if she sang Britney Spears' "Oops!... I Did It Again." (Morris then did the imitation for the crowd and it was hilariously perfect.)

The Warblers are known for their perfectly synchronized dance moves, but Criss revealed that when he first joined Glee, his fellow Dalton Academy co-stars were horrible dancers. "I have the rehearsal video on my computer and it was so terrible!" Criss said.

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When asked who was more intimidating to perform for -- President Obama or Oprah -- the cast overwhelmingly agreed that singing for Oprah was the most "nerve-wracking" experience of them all.

7. Chord Overstreet
never realized that his lips were larger than average until the writers started adding those jokes into the script. "And then they wrote that freakin' song," the actor said with a groan before adding that it doesn't bother him because the girls "love 'em."

The cast revealed that out of all of the amazing guest stars who have graced Glee, Kristin Chenoweth will always be their favorite. "She always brought gifts!" Riley exclaimed.

Thanks to Glee, Michele now considers Kate Hudson to be "family." The actress confessed, "She's amazing and I'm so grateful the show really brought us together."

Even though this season's double gay wedding was beautiful to watch, the cast said that it was "miserable" to shoot because it was so cold at the barn. "Everybody got sick," Jane Lynch said.

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Thanks to Criss' wild and crazy curls, Blaine's signature gelled back hair 'do took at least an hour to complete.

Michele revealed that the real reason that Rachel Berry became the lead in Funny Girl was because of Murphy's deep adoration of the musical. "I love Funny Girl, but Ryan loves it more than me," Michele said with a laugh.

Speaking of musicals, Michele said that she would "love to" have the Glee cast do a performance on Broadway. (Keep your fingers crossed, Gleeks!)

When the writers first approached Colfer about writing an episode of Glee his first reaction was to turn them down. "I said, 'Absolutely not, I'm not doing that!'… it was terrifying and there was a lot of pressure," Colfer said before adding that he was happy he did it.

At the Paramount Lot, where they shot Glee, the WMHS auditorium was torn down shortly after production wrapped, but each of the cast members were given a tiny piece of the stage as their end of the series gift.

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On the very last day of filming Riley made the entire cast end their day by sitting in a circle on the auditorium stage, and they thanked each other for an amazing six years. "And Jonathan [Groff] cried the hardest," Michele added.

When a fan asked if Klaine's kids would attend private school or public school, Colfer revealed "Kurt would not settle for public." Meanwhile Criss said he would want them to attend a nice public school, but Blaine would eventually concede to Kurt's wishes.

When asked to sum up their experience on Glee, Colfer quipped, "puberty" to which Lynch chimed in with, "menopause."

's two-hour series finale airs Friday, March 20 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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