'Reign' Season 2: Adelaide Kane on Sexier Storylines, Baby Mama Drama and More!


All hail the return of Reign!

Season two of The CW's royal series will premiere Thursday, Oct. 2and we're eager to reunite with our favorite fictionalized historical figures. Not only will the drama pick up right where we left off, but star Adelaide Kane promised ETonline that fans are in for an action-packed season, complete with even more of the boundary-pushing scenes that made Reign the talk of the TV kingdom.

“We're still sexy in season two!” Kane confessed with a smile to a small group of reporters. "I spent a lot of the first three episodes naked." Ooh la la!

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This sultry revelation leads us to believe that Francis (Toby Regbo), whom we last saw embarking out into the Black Plague-filled countryside, will return safe and sound to his new queen. Luckily, Kane teased that it will take more than a plague to tear these two newlyweds apart. "I think if they ever stop having sex and sharing a bed, then there is trouble on the horizon," the actress said of Mary and Francis' marriage.

However, a new bundle of problems will arise now that Lola (Anna Popplewell), aka one of Mary's very best friends, has given birth to Francis' child. (You'll have to tune in Thursday night to find out if it's a boy or a girl!) This strained love triangle  relationship will play a heavy role in season two.

Kane explained that although Mary still values Lola as a friend, this new dynamic will prove to be incredibly "awkward and uncomfortable" for the new Queen of France. In addition, the baby "becomes an unspoken pressure for Mary as she fails to conceive," she said.

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"Mary's always trying to be the bigger person, trying to push past it and do what's right for everyone," Kane said. "The longer she goes without having a child, the more that's going to weigh on her and become a divisive factor in her relationship with Francis.”

But Mary is not going to let personal complications affect her regal duties. In fact, Kane spilled that Mary will be "getting her manipulation cap on" as the season progresses. "Mary starts taking on more of those manipulative, Catherine-esque elements," the brunette beauty said. "Even without realizing it, she's becoming more and more like Catherine."

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We can confirm that Mary does make a particularly ruthless decision at the end of the end of the season two premiere, and although we're not spilling any details, just know that your jaw will be on the floor. However, despite this slightly-out-of-character move, Mary and Francis will try to hold on to their humanity during their rule.

"They are going to be seen as weak because they're compassionate," Kane revealed. That's hard to imagine because after watching Thursday night's premiere, "weak" is going to be the last word you would associate with Mary. Long may she reign...

Reign returns Thursday, Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. on the CW.