Is Vanessa Lachey Rooting for Hotties or Nerds?


is on the verge of another action-packed season, which will be kicked off with a theme of "Hotties vs. Nerds" in the first episode. ET was on set during production and found out which group Vanessa Lachey is rooting for.

"I try not to discriminate but my heart goes out to these nerds because they're just like... 'There's pretty girls here,' 'I want to win the money'; some of them are in costume...My heart just melts," she said, revealing her allegiance to the "nerds."

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Lachey added that both groups have their own thing going for them and she is more interested in seeing them all interact together. "I feel like the girls are going to be the aggressors," she said. "That'll be good TV, right?"

In addition to being one of the show's co-presenters, Lachey is also an expecting mother and gave an update on how her pregnancy is going so far.

"It feels great," the 31-year-old said. "It's fun to be able to still come to work every day and know that I'm bringing the munchkin with me."

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Lachey's co-presenter John Henson, who has been with the show for all of its six seasons alongside sports journalist John Anderson, maintained that the course is much more daunting in person that it seems on a television screen.

"It's the difference between looking at somebody on the high dive and standing on the high dive," he said. "Once you're up there, you realize how far it is down [to the ground]."

Having worked on the show for quite some time and seen his fair share of contestants slip, slide, and splash all over the course, Henson has never tried to complete the course and doesn't have the desire to ever do so.

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"With each passing season that I keep seeing footage, I want to do the course less and less," Henson said. "Maybe in the first season you could have talked me into in, but now--no way."

's sixth season premieres June 28 at 9 p.m. on ABC.