Exclusive Sneak Peek - 'Bent'


Exclusive Sneak Peek - 'Bent'

For the last two weeks, fans have watched Pete and Alex dance around their feelings for one another on NBC's delightful Bent.

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In the first of tonight's back-to-back episodes, Marcia Gay Harden guest stars as Pete's mom Vanessa, who inexplicably returns to town and upsets the delicate balance Walt's life has become as he sets out to win back his ex-wife at any cost.

Naturally this throws a(nother) wrench into Alex's home improvement plans when Pete is required to help out his dad. This leaves the woman of the house with a conundrum: who from Pete's team deserves a promotion?

Watch an exclusive ETonline sneak peek to find out the answer to that, and tune in to Bent tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC for more.