Trixie Mattel and Katya Reveal Everything That Brought Them Joy in 2020 (Exclusive)

From 'The Real Housewives' to Nicole Kidman's 'The Undoing' coats and more.

"Tyler Oakley's at some music festival and Jenna Marbles quit, so they were like, 'Who else is there?'" Trixie Mattel jokes of how she and Katya wound up being chosen as hosts of this year's YouTube Streamy Awards. "They've really let the wheels off this wagon at this point."

In the time of corona, this year's ceremony will see drag's favorite duo crisscrossing L.A. by bus, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-style, to surprise winners with their awards. "Any great drag story starts with four wheels," Trixie says.

"Four wheels, two hearts and one pee bag," Katya chimes in.

"And only one award, which was fake," Trixie adds. "So, that was kind of funny to give them to people and then take it back, like, 'You'll get it in six weeks.'"

Considering the dumpster fire of a year we've been through, any time we get to spend with Trixie and Katya is a silver lining. ET's Brice Sander sat down with the queens to reflect on some highlights of a year of lows.

ET: I want to hand it off to you and let you do what you do best: Shoot the sh*t. Whether it be TV, movies, projects you've put out, give me your list of what brought Trixie and Katya joy in 2020.

Katya: Nicole Kidman’s coats in The Undoing is a recent source of joy.

Trixie: "You smell like hospital."

Katya: What’s that from?

Trixie: The Housewives of Salt Lake City. These people got in a fight, because this one girl, her aunt was dying, so she came to visit her friend and her friend had gotten 12 surgeries to get her odor glands removed. She died on the operating table twice. 

Katya: It’s worth it.

And the woman who smelled like hospital, smelled like hospital because her aunt was getting her legs amputated.

Trixie: Amputated! Amputated! This sounds like you wrote it.

Katya: Where do I sign up for this? Also, this one has alerted me to the importance of, "I wouldn't be surprised if we never--"

Trixie: "If we never saw Denise Richards again."

I have to say, your journey into Real Housewives has been great for me, because that's my main beat.

Trixie: Girl, it only took four years of my boyfriend watching it in the same room as me for me to start to. I used to be like, "I hate it!" and suddenly, I was like, "I can't believe she just said that." And when Salt Lake City started, I thought, this is my moment to start from ground zero. [Also,] making cosmetics this year. Listen, people are stuck at home, but let me tell ya, they are buying and wearing cosmetics.

Katya: We released a lipstick that was met with thunderous ovation.

Trixie: Sold out in nine minutes, Brice!

Katya: We saw the footage. People were literally standing up in their own apartments and clapping. Standing up!

Trixie: It was like when Furbys came out, people’s moms getting trampled in the Toys "R" Us. What else? Our book! We had a New York Times best-seller this year -- and we didn’t even have to learn to read!

Katya: Yeah, our book tour dreams were smashed and instead, we embarked on a virtual Zoom tour. But it was still great and, again, thunderous ovation. Deafening applause.

Trixie: If we ever get to do another book, then we will do our Sidney Prescott Out of Darkness [in] Scream 4 tour. My publicist will get killed. Josh, if you're here, you will die.

Katya: And I will be moved to tears every time by the same passage. Every time.

Trixie: Katya had a No. 1 electronic album two weeks ago! We thought she was a Yoko. She's a John. And honestly, being able to make YouTube videos has been blessed for me. And because UNHhhh is so small, we got to go back into production before other things, because there's just three of us.

Katya: And I, COVID-compliantly of course, went to get lips injected with Restylane.

Trixie: But they messed up, it was just COVID.

Katya: Oh, not these lips. 

Trixie: [Laughs] You heard it here! Her p*ssy has COVID-19!


Headed into 2021, what are you looking forward to in this next year?

Katya: I’m looking forward to every single thing changing for the better.

Trixie: Yeah, I miss touring, I miss shopping for makeup in the stores and being able to open testers and touch them.

Katya: I miss not washing my hands.

Trixie: I miss not doing laundry.

Katya: I miss hobnobbing and rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite in nightclubs on Sunset Blvd.

Trixie: I miss crime.

Katya: Doing crimes has always been part and parcel of our social experience.

Trixie: And I swear to God, when this is all over, the amount of public sex with multiple people I’m about to have...

Tune into the 2020 YouTube Streamy Awards on Dec. 12 at 9 ET / 6 p.m. PT.