Trevor Noah Gets Surprised by Taylor Swift and Meryl Streep During GRAMMYs Monologue

Trevor Noah
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Sunday marked the comedian's fourth time hosting the star-studded celebration of music.

It's music's biggest night, and host Trevor Noah is bringing his comedic sensibilities to this year's GRAMMY Awards.

Noah began his monologue from the star-studded audience, seated at tables in front of the stage, and walked among the mega-celebs, showering them with love and praise and showing why he's such a beloved GRAMMYs host.

The monologue began with Noah getting inadvertently surprised by Meryl Streep -- who was supposed to be seated with her son-in-law, Mark Ronson, but appeared almost out of the blue just as Noah was talking about how excited he was for her to be in the building.

Then, the star power just kept getting bigger and better as Taylor Swift walked in with her crew just as Noah mentioned how exciting her presence was going to be at the show. Almost like manifestation in real time.

He also poked fun at some of the supposed outrage over the NFL's coverage of Swift's appearances at Kansas City Chiefs games, joked, "I think it's so unfair how NFL fans have been complaining about the cameras cutting to Taylor Swift. Like she's controlling the cameras at the games? Let her live!"

"In fact, on behalf of Taylor, I'm going to give her a break. Every time Taylor Swift is mentioned, I'm going to cut to someone who played football," Noah said, as the cameras cut to Terry Crews in the audience. "Ooh, you like that, Terry Crews? You better fix your face, Terry! We will watch you all night! No relaxing for you!"

"Do you work for the CIA?" he added, referring to the increasingly outlandish conspiracy theories surrounding Swift in recent weeks. "Oh, by the way, I can read lips [Terry]. Watch what you say."

Noah deftly handled his hosting duties, poking fun at the corporate side of the music business while celebrating and uplifting the artists who are being honored. It's a good template for other hosts to look to (especially when it comes to crafting jokes about Swift that won't lead to backlash).

Noah spoke with ET last month, and the comedian, 39, said that despite this being his fourth time holding the microphone on music's biggest night, he is still waiting on a year where he is purely excited rather than anxious. 

"I love it, but I'm still as nervous. It's a really strange feeling," Noah said. "I always think that the year will come where they tell me I'm hosting and I'm like, 'Ah the Grammys, let's do it.' But no. Every single time it's the same amount of nerve, same amount of excitement and anticipation. And I think I can see why I'm nervous. When you look at the lineup, the cast, you know, all the performers who are gonna be on, you just, you don't want to be the person who messes that whole thing up."

As a two-time GRAMMY nominee himself, the former host of The Daily Show told ET he knows just how important it is to make sure things go off without a hitch and that the artists and attendees feel respected and admired. 

"You know, it's everybody's biggest night, it's music's biggest night," he said. "The last thing you wanna be is the cog in the machine that throws everything off." 

The 2024 GRAMMY Awards is on Sunday, Feb. 4, at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET and being broadcast and streamed live on CBS and Paramount+ from Arena in Los Angeles. Follow along at for full coverage from music's biggest night, including performances, GRAMMY winners and more.