Travis Kelce Shares His Post-Football Aspirations

Travis Kelce addresses what he hopes to do when it's time to retire from the NFL.

Travis Kelce knows what he wants. The 34-year-old Kansas City Chiefs tight end candidly referenced his post-football career plans during a discussion with his brother, Philadelphia Eagles alum Jason Kelce, on Wednesday's episode of their New Heights podcast. 

While discussing NFL news during the show, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, Jason brought up the hypothetical possibility of purchasing a minority stake in the Eagles organization. The discussion culminated in Travis sharing quite frankly that he plans to serve as a sportscaster after he retires from playing in the league. 

Travis Kelce: No. 87 of the Kansas City Chiefs - Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Jason began the conversation by admitting that he didn't think the brothers "could afford" to purchase even a minority stake in any NFL team, eventually floating a rumor that Always Sunny in Philadelphia co-creator and star Rob McElhenney "might have already put in an offer" on the Eagles

"Rob, can we get in on this?" Jason said. 

"Stop trying to tag me in," Travis replied. "This is you." 

Jason asked, "You're gonna tell me you're gonna turn it down? ...You get an opportunity to be an owner of a NFL team and you're gonna say 'no'?" 

Travis confirmed without hesitation, explaining, "I want to broadcast when I'm done playing." 

The admission came as something of a surprise to Jason, who replied, "You want to broadcast? You're saying that right now. You want to broadcast." 

"Yes," Travis replied, jokingly affecting an old timey impersonation of a sports commentator. 

"I wanna f**king do that," he added. "I wanna be the talking head that calls the games." 

Travis referenced the apparent conflict of interest that Tom Brady is currently facing, as the former quarterback navigates a broadcasting deal with Fox Sports as he pursues minority ownership of the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Travis Kelce runs a play for the Kansas City Chiefs. - Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Following his retirement in March, Jason recently signed on to serve as a sportscaster for ESPN's Monday Night Football. His first assignment will be in San Francisco this fall when the 49ers face off against the New York Jets. 

"I'll back out of the TV deal right now if you tell me I could own the Philadelphia Eagles," Jason cracked on Wednesday's podcast. 

"No way," Travis scoffed.

"Come on now, are you kidding me?" Jason pushed back. "Get to be an owner? That's, like, another level." 

Jason Kelce celebrates after winning Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018. - Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Travis recently signed a two-year contract extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. The $34.25 million deal -- which includes $17 million fully guaranteed this year -- makes him the highest-paid tight end in the league.

Amid his current offseason, the three-time Super Bowl champion has been busy with a full slate of side hustles, including hosting Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? and testing his acting chops in Ryan Murphy's Grotesquerie. He's also thrown his hat in the ring for consideration as Adam Sandler firms up plans for Netflix's upcoming Happy Gilmore 2 -- though no formal casting has been announced. 

As part of his budding Hollywood career, Travis also recently produced the movie My Dead Friend Zoe -- starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman -- and previously took a turn hosting Saturday Night Live in 2023. 

"That's the point of the offseason," Travis previously said during a January press conference. "Being able to get out there and really find what you love to do and I've been fortunate to do a few things outside of the sports world that I've been enjoying doing, like getting on camera." 

He continued, "The SNL stuff kinda opened up a new happiness and maybe a new career path for me, but it's funny for me to even say that at this point in my career because it's so much further down the road than it is right now." 

Beyond his skills on the field, Travis also made headlines last season amid his romance with Taylor Swift. The pop star first attended one of his games in September, and quickly became a fixture among Chiefs fans. When she wasn't busy on her Eras tour, Taylor was often by Travis' side all the way up to Super Bowl LVIII. 

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrate his 2024 AFC Championship win on the field. - Patrick Smith/Getty Images

During a Chiefs press conference on Tuesday, Travis emphasized that football remains his primary focus. 

"I have a love to do this right here," he said of playing the game. "I'm gonna do it till the wheels fall off and hopefully that doesn't happen anytime soon." 

He added, "I can definitely understand that it's towards the end of the road than it is the beginning of it and I just gotta make sure I'm set up for after football as well."