Tracy Morgan Shows Venomous Fish Tank in Home Tour, Jokes About Sex Life in Quarantine (Exclusive)

The comedian tells ET how he's been spending his time in quarantine.

If you have to be quarantined somewhere, Tracy Morgan's house isn't a bad spot! 

The 51-year-old comedian took ET's Kevin Frazier on a virtual tour of his incredible New Jersey home, complete with a bowling alley and a movie theater. As Morgan told ET, however, he's been keeping himself busy with... other activities. 

"I've been in this house for two weeks with my wife, so she's expecting now. I get her pregnant every week," he joked of wife Megan Wollover. 

"Romantically, we're role playing," Morgan added. "She's playing a young maiden who has a grandfather who's dying of corona and I'm playing a scientist who discovered a cure. She wants to save her grandfather's life and she's willing to do anything, Kev, and I mean anything."

Morgan has four children, though his oldest three are all grown. He's having a "tough" time homeschooling his youngest child, 6-year-old daughter Maven, but told ET he's staying strong for his family amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

"I'm just staying focused, staying positive. This virus has been here before, man. I can't spook out, I'm not gonna do it," he said. "I'm the head of my family, I've got to stay strong and that's how I'm handling it. I got to be strong for my kids and my wife."

Morgan's dedication to his family was clear during his epic home tour, as he showed off the little fish tank he has for his daughter. The actor also has a 35,000 gallon shark tank and a collection of venomous fish. "Oh man, I am the black Jacques Cousteau!" Morgan quipped. 

Elsewhere in his home, Morgan has a Lamborghini, a Ferrari, one of Michael Jackson's gloves, an Emmy and an Oscar -- though he's not an Oscar winner. "Don't worry about it," he cracked as Frazier asked where it came from. 

If Morgan ever does venture over to his in-home movie theater, he can watch his TBS series, The Last O.G., which is about to debut its third season. 

"We got everybody on that, man. We got Mike Tyson on there, Tiffany Haddish, we got Katt Williams, we got John Amos, we got a lot of folks. This gonna be a nice season. Since we're in the house, I just want everybody -- this is our gift to the world," he shared. "This is a gift to the world, laughter."

"You're going to see it in another level," he added. 

As he quarantines with his family, Morgan said he's going to "keep hope alive for everyone in the world." 

"I've faced stuff. I ain't worried about coronavirus. I'm worrying about another Walmart truck, OK?" said the comedian, who nearly lost his life after a collision with a Walmart truck in 2014. 

In all seriousness, Morgan said that his time in recovery taught him the value of doctors and nurses, who he praised for being on the frontline fighting coronavirus. 

"It might not be perfect, people around us with this illness. You just got to pray for them and just... I just want to say this. I want to give a big shout out to all the doctors, nurses, and the first responders. They are my hero! I know, I've been there. I've been there when I was looking at death," he said. "These are my heroes! And the firemen... there are people dying, we are so focused on corona, there's still people having heart attacks, and cancer, and we can't forget that." 

The Last O.G. returns to TBS for season three on Tuesday. 

See more on Morgan in the video below.