Tour the TikTok Hype House With Avani Gregg, Chase Hudson and More

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In a large, neoclassical mansion nestled in the Hollywood Hills, a group of influential young internet stars have created a new kind of production studio with the sole purpose of being a creative spot for making TikTok videos.

ET got a tour of the luxurious TikTok Hype House from some of the platforms biggest stars -- including Chase Hudson, Avani Gregg and Thomas Petrou -- who showed off the mansion's swimming pool, lavish bathrooms, a sizable kitchen and dining area and six spacious bedrooms shared between the eight content creators who call the place home.

Every square foot of the mansion is used by the young creators who live there -- and the dozens of 15 to 21-year-olds who come by each day to collaborate. Even the bathrooms.

"Well over 1000 TikToks have been made in our bathroom in the first like two months of living here," Hudson explained.

"I've actually never taken a bath in there once," Petrou added.

But the bathrooms aren't the only areas in the estate that aren't really getting used for their intended purpose. The expansive kitchen also doesn't get a lot of use because of the frenetic pace of video production.

"Welcome to our kitchen," Daisy Keech shared with the ET cameras. "Over here we have a stove that we do not use, we have some pile of dishes that we do need to put away and apparently this is the fridge."

While it may seem like having so many teenagers living together might get crazy, there are some house rules to keep things in order. Those who live there must make at least three TikToks a day, collaboration is strongly encouraged and absolutely no parties.

Check out the video below to hear more about the emerging TikTok superstars.


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