Tour the Jonas Brothers' Las Vegas Pawn Shop: Ties, Guitars, Sweat Stains and More (Exclusive)

The famous brothers are in Sin City for a five-night residency at Park MGM.

The Jonas Brothers are calling it a pop-up pawn shop. But for their most hardcore fans, it's called a jackpot.

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas set up shop in Las Vegas, in more ways than one, for their long-anticipated five-night residency at Dolby Live at Park MGM. The residency kicks off Friday, with four more shows June 4, 9, 10 and 11. But before strutting their stuff on the breathtaking 5,200 seat theater, the brothers launched a three-day event Thursday at the Authentic Memorabilia Pawn Shop Dollar Star, and ET's Cassie DiLaura got an exclusive tour with the famous brothers in tow.

The pop-up shop's customers are pre-selected fans who submitted videos through the premium subscription content startup service, Scriber. Once inside the store, those fans have a chance to purchase some of the most coveted items owned and/or worn by one of the Jonas Brothers. The best part: each item is just a buck. As in $1.

For those lucky enough to score a visit, they can peruse through the carefully selected array of items, from the sweat-stained polo shirt Nick wore for the group's Barbara Walters special in 2009, to the ties they wore in season 1 of their Disney Channel series.

There's also a blood-stained baseball jersey, gold record and, get this, even Joe's mustache from the "Burnin' Up" music video. The mustache's far from Tom Selleck quality, but it's something. With so much meaningful memorabilia up for grabs, it begs the question -- why are they practically giving it away?!

"It kind of all started when we were going through our stuff the last two years," explained Joe. "We were looking at all these amazing items in our storage units and our homes and going, 'OK, these could probably be in somebody else's possession, and they would treasure them even more than we are just having them around.'"

From old guitars to the Teen Choice Awards surfboard sitting at Nick's house, it's all for the taking. Joe said the trio tried giving it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they weren't interested. Joe's kidding, we think, but either way the group's thrilled about finding more interesting ways to thank their fans.

"Whether it's the pawn shop or the show itself, we're trying to include the fans who've been there since day one," Nick says. "It feels like it's going to be a wonderful way to celebrate the summer in Vegas."