Tom Green Shares Photos of His Severely Burned Feet After Campfire: 'The Good News Is I Have Healed Up'

The comic detailed a terrifying story about his injury on Joe Rogan's podcast.

Tom Green is on the mend after enduring a horrifying injury last year.

The 52-year-old recently shared a harrowing story about suffering third degree burns on his feet while on vacation in Costa Rica. On Sunday, he followed up with a graphic image of the damage on Instagram. 

"I never mentioned this last year when it happened but I did talk all about it on the @joerogan podcast this week," he captioned the carousel.  Don’t flip to the second picture if you don’t want to see my feet with third degree burns on them. The good news is I have healed up great and I want to thank my doctors and family and everyone who supported me during this scary time."

According to Green, as he relayed in stomach-turning details on The Joe Rogan Experience, he had been at a "big bonfire on the beach" when he retired to his hotel room to go to sleep. Hours later, he returned to the sand. 

"It's like two in the morning at this point," he said. "The fire has gotten a lot smaller. I pick up a piece of driftwood on this remote beach, I go up to throw the driftwood on the fire." 

He quickly realized that the reason the blaze had been quieted was because it had been buried in sand. 

"So now there was just this little fire with sand covering hot coals about four feet leading up to it,"  he explained. "And my foot goes into the sand, into these hot coals." 

The comedian said he immediately realized his error and fell backwards, but the damage was done. He then spent two weeks in a hospital in Costa Rica and had skin grafts done from his leg.

Warning: The second image in Green's slideshow is NSFW. 

Green is currently promoting his stand up comedy tour, which kicked off over the weekend at Comedy Mothership in Austin, Texas. 



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