Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Talk Steamy Love Scene and Working Together On '1883' (Exclusive)

The country music stars play husband and wife James and Margaret Dutton, in the 'Yellowstone' prequel series.

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw landed the roles of a lifetime. Country music’s dynamic duo are taking their love on-screen as they play husband and wife, James and Margaret Dutton, in Paramount+'s Yellowstone prequel series, 1883.

Despite 25 years together off-screen, when it came to filming a steamy bathtub love scene, it was a bit “difficult” for Hill. “Because I’m modest,” the 54-year-old performer told ET. "They made it easier than I thought it was gonna be.”

McGraw, 54, added that being on set with his wife has allowed them to spend “a lot” of time together. “I can't imagine spending five months, especially as hard as we are working with six days a week, I can't imagine her not being there with me," he said. "Being able to work together and do the same thing and feed off each other and talk about it and give each other feedback -- and criticism too when it needs to be there."

Art imitates life for the pair and that’s why filming with his wife has been such a breeze. “I think there's a deep, deep bond and deep trust that they have for each other,” he said about his and Hill's characters. “In order to take on this journey you have to have that. I think that we certainly have that in our life, and I think that really translates and that makes it easier for us to find those moments together. Those little nuggets that James and Margaret have during the show.”  


The couple have managed to set boundaries when the cameras stop rolling and they step out of character. "We have made it a point to not work together when we are off set,” Hill shared. “We don't run lines. We may have talked about the script when it first came in.”  

The two were joined by another person close to them on set. Tom Hanks, who has been a longtime friend of the pair, makes a not-so-surprising cameo in the series, per a special request from McGraw. “Tom and Rita [Wilson] and Faith and I have been friends for a longtime,” the country crooner noted. “So I gave Tom a call and just asked. He goes, ‘Tell me when to be there.’ And he showed up and did it and he killed it. Of  course, he’s Tom Hanks so he’s gonna.”  

1883 premieres Dec. 19 on Paramount+.