TikTok Stars Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Have Officially Left the Hype House

The sisters have 'stepped away' from the Hype House professionally, but remain close with their fellow TikTok stars.

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio have "stepped away" from the Hype House professionally but remain close with their fellow TikTok stars and content creators.

A rep for the sisters tells ET, "The Hype House started as a place for TikTok creators to socialize and create content. Charli and Dixie created content with their friends at the house when they were visiting L.A. from Connecticut. When the Hype House started to become more of a business, Charli and Dixie stepped away from that aspect."

However, the rep assures that "while their businesses are separate, their friendships with the members continue."

The Hype House, a collective of young content creators -- and also the name of the Los Angeles mansion where some of the members live -- was formed in late 2019 by founders Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech and Chase Hudson, though Keech departed the group in March.

Charli, 15, is currently the most-followed person on TikTok with over 55 million followers. She and Hudson, 17, were also romantically involved until last month, when they announced their split.

The sisters have been quarantining at home with their parents, Heidi and Marc, over the last few months, and when ET caught up with Charli in early April, she talked about the possibility of making a reality show with her family, including 18-year-old Dixie, who has over 23 million TikTok followers.

"I mean, definitely something that would be super fun," Charli told ET. "For people to kind of see what goes on when we're not just posting TikToks. I feel like no one really gets to see, but, people are always talking about how they think our family dynamic is pretty cool."

The interest from fans is definitely there, the young creator added.

"They love when we go live, so that's super fun," Charli shared. "I mean, it's really whatever helps us showcase what we're really like. Because people only really see us, like, dancing or lip-syncing to songs. So, it's really fun. Maybe try some new things."

And her parents are totally on board as well!

"We're figuring out all that stuff right now," Marc told ET. "This has all kinda happened all really quickly. But we think if we're gonna do it, we'll go all in with it. And like Charli said, let everyone get to know us a little bit more closely. So, we're in the process of working it out right now."

See more from the family in the video below.