'The Real Housewives of Dubai' Season 2 Mid-Season Trailer Is Here! (Exclusive)

Chanel Ayan and Lesa Milan's feud explodes on season 2 of Bravo's 'The Real Housewives of Dubai'

'The Real Housewives of Dubai' season 2 wraps up with some island adventures and a friendship-ending fight!

Ya habibi, The Real Housewives of Dubai season 2 is just getting started!

ET has your exclusive first look at the second half of the Bravo series' sophomore outing, which finds the 'Wives --Caroline Stanbury, Caroline Brooks, Chanel Ayan, Lesa Milan, Sara Al Madani and Taleen Marie -- on an "eat, pray, party" journey in Bali, the site of their cast trip. While on the girls getaway, the ladies indulge in local culture -- "You know, in Bali, they worship the penis," Stanbury quips --  including palm readings. 

During Stanbury's session, the psychic predicts she and her husband, Sergio Carrallo, will have a child together, a boy -- just like the embryo they have frozen! Meanwhile, back home in Dubai, Sara starts to see some strain in her new relationship with boyfriend Akin Fontana, who hangs up mid-FaceTime call with the reality star. 

As for Taleen and Stanbury's friendship, it seems to strengthen, as Taleen's bond with Brooks takes another hit, with the Glass House salon owner admitting to calling the season 2 newbie a "beggar." This seemingly leads to a fiery confrontation between Brooks and Taleen's husband, Raf, with Lesa jumping in... to defend Brooks! 

Watch the "emotional f**king roller coaster," as Taleen puts it, play out here: 

Then, the much-teased fallout between Ayan and Lesa begins, with a "miserable" Stanbury (at least according to Lesa) caught in the middle. 

"I'm dealing with the biggest witch of Middle East, and biggest bully of Middle East," Ayan laments in an interview, sporting her wildest confessional look yet: a ballgown, on which each sleeve is a fabric sculpture depicting the head of a lioness. Ayan uses the cats as stand-ins for her feuding friends.

"Hey, Stanbury! I'm disappointed at you," she shames the one on her right shoulder, before turning to the one on her left. "And you, [Lesa], I expected more out of you!"

Cut to: new footage from Ayan and Lesa's friendship-ending fight, which appears to take place at Starnbury's housewarming party. 

"I swear to God on my children's life, God strike them dead!" Lesa screams, before chasing after a fleeing Ayan and yelling, "You are a liar!"

"I'm done!" Ayan proclaims. 

"I'm done," Lesa throws right back.

Ayan in 'RHOD' trailer. - Bravo

"My friendship is over," Ayan announces, as Brooks literally grabs the mic in her confessional to narrate over a montage of Ayan crying, cut together with stone-faced shots of Lesa and Stanbury. 

"Yes!" Brooks gleefully announces. "The house of cards is falling down. I'm here for it, b***h!"

After the confrontation, Stanbury attempts to comfort Ayan, who blows her nose into a throw blanket.

"That's Valentino," Stanbury scoffs.

"I'm really upset, because there was so much love in my friendship with Lesa," Ayan previously told ET, previewing the drama. "She's like my family. I don't throw friends away, you know?"

"I was caught off guard a lot," she teased. "You guys will get to understand why I'm brokenhearted." 

"Having to relive that, I think, is gonna be the most difficult," Lesa shared, separately. "But guess what? I get to see her perspective, 'cause she's out there playing victim, so I want to see why." 

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo, with episodes available to stream on Peacock the next day.